Ballistic Evidence

It is startling to most people when I share with them the ballistic evidence in the assassination of President Kennedy. Many are unaware of the amount of fragments identified and that "officially" only two bullets struck home. (3 shots, 1 miss, 2 hits) Even allowing for CE 399 to have caused the injuries to both men as claimed there are just too many fragments from the remaining shot. What do you think? How Many Shots and Which Directions?

1. Pres. Kennedy, back (entry)
2. Pres. Kennedy, throat (entry or exit)
3. Pres. Kennedy, head (entry right temple)
4. Pres. Kennedy, head (exit right rear/side)
5. Pres. Kennedy, head, (possible neck/hairline entry)
6. Gov. Connally, back (entry)
7. Gov. Connally, chest (exit)
8. Gov. Connally, wrist (entry/exit)
9. Gov. Connally, thigh (entry/­no exit)
10. James Tague, cut on cheek

Bullets and fragments:

1. CE 567 (found driver's side front seat of limo)
2. CE 569 (found beside front seat of limo)
3. CE 840 (3 fragments found from underneath the left jump seat. \ One is now missing from NARA.)
4. Gov. Connally's wrist (Parkland, fragments were removed)
5. Gov. Connally's wrist (Parkland, fragments left in, shown on Xray)
6. CE 843 Pres. Kennedy's brain (Bethesda, 2 fragments removed | (receipt states missile) | Note on sizes
7. Pres. Kennedy's brain (Bethesda, fragments left in, shown on Xray)
8. Strike on Commerce Street curb left metal smear (Dealey Plaza, from missed shot, fragment or bullet)

Limousine Damage:
1. crack in left side windshield near rearview mirror
2. dent in back of rearview mirror
3. dent in metal trim over windshield

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CE 399 In evidence

CE 399 In evidence

CE 399 In evidence

CE 399 In evidence

CE 399 In evidence

CE 399 In evidence

CE 399 In evidence
CE 567 limo fragments, in evidence

CE 567 in evidence

CE 569 limo fragment, in evidence

CE 843 JFK brain fragments in evidence

CE 840 fragments from limo, Warren Commission Evidence

CE 840 in evidence today (missing 1 fragment)
Tague missile strike on curb
DPD evidence array
DPD Evidence array
DPD evidence detail (one shell not shown)
DPD evidence detail (live round from rifle)
Annotated evidence photo
Paper bag in evidence (blackened by fingerprint powder)
Paper bag removed from TSBD
LHO Evidence array
Oswald Rifle broken down
Oswald Rifle in evidence
Oswald Rifle in evidence
Blanket from Paine home in evidence
Oswald Rifle broken down
Order form for Rifle
Ad for Rifle
Close-up of ad for Rifle
Clip in evidence
Officer with Oswald Rifle
Rifleatstation.JPG 0002c_Rifle.jpg
Officer with Oswald Rifle
Rifle removed from TSBD
Rifle removed from TSBD
(showing clip)
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