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"Perry Russo is a unique character because of his individuality.
I don't think the man would lie if you put
burning irons on his hands.
He's one of the most remarkable young men I have known."

Jim Garrison

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"This was frustrating because on August 1st, 2nd and 3rd, here in New Orleans area the morning Times Picayune Newspaper had this funny headline. Russo began to read, "FBI makes lightening raids on Farm Bouchet Munitions Dump". "That's about 60 miles west of us", Russo explained. "FBI makes lightening raids in Slidell and Covington and other places. "The point of this", Russo said, "is that you read the article and it says 6,000 rounds of this and 3,000 rifles and 1,000 grenades and 500 grenade launchers and bazookas and all that were confiscated. The owner of the Farm was Lopez or Garcia or Menendez or whatever; a Latin name. But yet no body was arrested. What they did was confiscate it. This was an attempt by the FBI to frustrate; after storing these guns and weapons, to frustrate these Cubans, that they could not mount the second invasion, no matter where it was from. Bobby Kennedy talked to Jack Kennedy and told him, in effect, that to make sure there was not a third World War; that there would not only not be another invasion from Florida for the Bay of Pigs; they would not allow another invasion, period. From Guatemala or any place by any Cubans. That was a corollary of this second agreement made.

Then Bobby Kennedy, his interpretation, was to keep the lid down and to keep it closed because forever and after to this day, Fidel Castro is considered a nuisance He would vaporize in a Third World War and we would vaporize Cuba right quick. That was just a matter of known military tactics; we were going to vaporize Cuba. Son since we were writing off Cuba, to hell with the 175,000 Cubans that are now in Florida and Louisiana." Perry paused long enough for me to say, "right". "So just to hell with that", Perry went on. "This was a very dastardly deed; this was a betrayal. So they frustrate them. They grab these rifles, grab their grenades and there is nothing else. What are you going to do? Invade Cuba with bows and arrows", he went on. Perry left me with enough time to get in another "right" before he went on. "You can't do that."

" So therefore they came back to New Orleans and I go to a meeting in which I have been ridiculed and attached and yelled at and screamed at and told I was lying by people who would never go to Court and say it. They will say it in some fucking newspaper or something like that. It couldn't be--' Russo has to be lying or he has to be doped up (Perry is very excited at this point) or something or Garrison has to have something on him that these guys sit around and they began plotting how to assassinate Castro.' Then one of them got up and said, "fuck Castro, let's assassinate Kennedy". Blame it on somebody that likes Castro. "The guy that was perfect for that", Russo said, "was Oswald because he was supposedly a Russian Defector. He wasn't. He was a member of our group. He wasn't a fucking defector. He wasn't a Marxist. So in order for him to create a semblance of a plan to go into Cuba and assassinate Castro, he had to create a cover. CIA cover; typical thing. He goes out and starts to distribute leaflets, "Fair Play for Cuba" for the New Orleans Chapter - send your donations to 544 Camp Street.

"Well," Perry said, "that's Guy Bannister's Office - that's Inca's Office that's the Information Counsel to the Americas Office. That's right next door to the CIA, right down the block from the FBI. "That's what's so amazing", I said before Perry began again. "Yeah, that this address that they are telling you to send your donations toÉ where is a place for the Cubans. Not in the building. No such Chapter in New Orleans This was just for public consumption so it would look like we have a real roaring Marxist': "If you had been in New Orleans in 1960's," Perry said, "you would know that if you created a front, you'd go to fucking Havana Radio the next day and preach. Huey Newton did and Eldridge Cleaver did; Stokley Carmichael and Ralph Brown did. All these people attacked the Unites States and they would go on Havana Radio and blast the United States. This would allow Lee Oswald to get a Visa and to put in effect Plan A, which was to assassinate Castro. He and the other people would be in there (the book depository building). But, it wasn't going to be Oswald" "No", said Russo, "it was going to be another man in his place. A man who spoke Spanish, a man who knew Cuba, who looked like Oswald and if you've read a lot", Russo said to me, "you will know there is always a reference to another Oswald running around wherever Lee was." I was allowed to get in the statement that Marina Oswald said that, too." Perry continued, "yeah, and so did Ruth Paine in Dallas and in New Orleans, too."

"There is a second Oswald", Perry said. Who is this second Oswald? I knew who he was; I met him. He's a mean son-of-a-bitch; he was crazy. He was a Cuban who was going to go back to Cuba, who was wanted by the Cuban Government but he would have a Visa." I tried to ask Perry, at this point, if the Cuban in question was still alive. As I was learning, Perry was like trying to stop a tidal wave when it came to talking, so I let it roll. "How did he get a Visa? Oswald would have to go to the Embassy in Mexico City and he went September 26th but he was turned down. How can they turn him down? Here's a Russian defector with a Russian wife. An American defector with a Russian wife; a man who had gotten on WDSU Radio with Ed Scanlon and debated the relative merits of Marxism versus capitalism", he said. "I'm a Marxist and that means the CIA underwrote this program and it's beamed down to Cuba. You know that Cuban Intelligence is listening. Why did they turn him down for a Visa? Well, the USA won't tell you why because they had the Embassy bugged. His official application for a Visa--Oswald, Harvey Lee. It was put backwards. Denied, that's all. It was an official statement. So Lee Oswald came back and then he moved to Irving, Texas and the second plan when into effect.

Let's get Kennedy by someone who looked like Oswald. They tried other places and I am going to tell you where they are", Perry said. "Chicago and Miami. So you have two things. They chickened out in Chicago and they shot somebody in Miami and they finally got Oswald and they finally got Kennedy. Oswald did not fire a shot." "You have to understand", Perry said, "the whole part of the New Orleans thing is sensible that a possible group assassinated Kennedy. These same people show up in Dallas, yet it's difficult to say, were they in Dealy Plaza?" " The same people show up in Dallas", Perry said again, "and the question is if they were in Dealy Plaza? Oswald was standing down there in the doorway (later proved to be Billy Nolan Lovelady; that photograph taken by Ike Altens) sort of indicates that you have these other people that were around that were New Orleans based. It's very logical that it comes out of New Orleans but it also is very reasonable to me that Oswald didn't fire a shot and was exactly what he said he was. He didn't kill Kennedy; he doesn't know anything about it. He was just a patsy and that's what the Stone movie said."

I said at this point that I had seen the JFK movie so many times I drive people crazy.

"Yeah", Perry replies, "I'm in it in the beginning." I said, "you're the guy at the bar, right?" "At the bar, correct." "That scene", Perry went on to say, "is done 70 times and they have long versions and they have short versions. There is one episode where I didn't know how they made movies. I just thought they gave you a script. They didn't give any script. Stone just said, "say what you feel." "Anyway, they had Kevin Costner saying, "Come on, Jack, you can do it-- You know pulling for Jack Kennedy to pull through his trauma and his head injuries. It had just been announced over the TV that a priest had been called in which would indicate it had been a very serious wound. He was called in to perform the last rites, before or immediately after death, performed by the Catholic Church. So Kevin has to stand up and this has about 30 takes. Oliver Stone is in the next room looking at a TV, you know, cause that's how they do it now. I didn't know that; I thought they stood right there but they don't. He's in the next room, looking at TV seeing what it looked like and so Kevin Costner gets up and says, "Come on, Jack, you can do it. Come on Jack, you can do it." "So I am watching him and I yell out, "sit down asshole I didn't vote for you." "Cut." "Oliver Stone comes running in. He comes face to face; and inch away and in a very quiet voice he says, "don't yell at Kevin.""That was the $7,000,000 man", (Perry referring to Costner). "So I said, "sure I won't yell at Kevin". Kevin Costner was a very nice person but I don't know where they get this cornpone accent they put on but then that's the movie game."

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