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3bbulrdJFK Assassination Medical Photos and Illustrations here and here 3bbulrd

3bbulrd Researcher Joe Backes chronicles the "November In Dallas" presentation by ARRB Staff Member, Doug Horne, on November 20, 1998, in Dallas. This presentation gives us a window into the inner workings of the ARRB, the statements of the Parkland Hospital and Bethesda doctors, and true readings of the photos of the president's body in the National Archives today. Backes, an expert on the workings of the ARRB, presents this comprehensive chronicle including many p

hotos and drawings to illustrate the points Horne made at the Lancer Conference. Some of these drawings are being shown here for the first time. Begin your journey through the medical evidence here: Doug Horne's presentation at JFK Lancer 1998 Conference

Review by Joe Backes, Part One

3bbulrd For more information order the CD/DVD of Doug Horne's presentation from JFK Lancer.

 Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, Texas

3bbulrd Where was the President's head wound? Read the statement of Patricia Hutton, Parkland Hospital nurse that removed JFK from the limousine and assisted in Trauma Room One.

3bbulrd Three Patients At Parkland, article from State Journal of Medicine, dated January, 1964. It was written in late November/early December, 1963 before the 'OFFICIAL' story was set in stone.

3bbulrd Trauma Room One Revisited, article by Russell Kent from the Winter '95 Assassination Chronicles 

3bbulrd What Did the Parkland Doctors Really Say? article by Russell Kent from the Spring '96 Assassination Chronicle

3bbulrdThe closest witnesses: Mrs. Kennedy and Agent Clint Hill

  • JBK WC Transcript 
  • Clint Hill's Testimony before the Warren Commission
  • 3bbulrd Parkland Hospital Doctors ARRB Medical Testimomy 8-27-98

    3bbulrd Ford-Rankin Document: Commission member Gerald Ford changes description of the president's wounds to support the false "Single Bullet" theory.

    3bbulrd Reasonable Doubts: The McCloy-Rankin Document Doubts of the single bullet theory, documents, with commentary and newsclippings, from the Summer '97 Kennedy Assassination Chronicles.

    3bbulrd On Saturday November 23, 1963 a fragment of bone was found in Dealey Plaza on the South side of Elm St. in the grass by a medical student, Billy Harper, who gave it to his uncle Jack Harper, who then gave it to a Dr. Cairns, Chief of Pathology at Methodist Hospital near Dallas, Texas. It has since disappeared.

     Bethesda Naval Hospital

    3bbulrdThe transcript of the phone conversation between Acting Attorney General Ramsey Clark and President Lyndon Johnson Re: Autopsy Photos. Besides the transcript, there is background information on the autopsy photos, Humes' testimony, the dates/possession of the autopsy materials and more. Former ARRB Analyst Doug Horne contributed to this information.

    3bbulrdHumes, Boswell and Finck at National Archives The autopsy physicians were requested by the Department of Justice to examine the x-rays and photographs for the purpose of determining whether they are consistent with the autopsy report. According to Dr. Humes, photos were missing but the doctors's signed off of the photos anyway. Read transcript above.

    3bbulrdAutopsy Report:

    3bbulrd FBI Report on the autopsy by FBI Agents' Sibert and O'Neill

    3bbulrd House Select Committee on Assassinations Interview With FBI Agent O'Neill [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

    3bbulrd Witness drawings of the president's wounds.

    3bbulrd History of the Autopsy Materials from the HSCA

    3bbulrd Barb Junkkarinen The JFK Autopsy Pictures (pdf)

    3bbulrd Articles on Lancer Independent News Exchange:

    • New JFK Autopsy Photos Found The Washington, DC based Assassination Records Review Board identified additional latent autopsy photographs on a roll of film in the National Archives that had (inaccurately) been described as "exposed."
    • Two Brains Examined - Archive Photos Not of JFK's Brain by Doug Horne
    • Medical evidence on the assassination of President John F.Kennedy released The Assassination Records Review Board made available information that it has collected relevant to the medical evidence on the assassination of President John F.Kennedy. The information to be made available includes deposition transcripts of 11 witnesses and one Master Set of Exhibits.

    3bbulrd Dr. Burkley Memo, what other suppressed documents have yet to reveal to all but "responsible" officials? from Gary Aguilar, M.D.

    3bbulrd Autopsy Photos Handled by CIA Agent during HSCA furnished by AMKW. What happened here? Was the CIA interfering with the House Investigation?"


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