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First on the Scene: Interviews With Parkland Doctors
by Brad Parker.

A series of interviews and essays with the Dallas Parkland Hospital doctors. Also testimony and interviews by the Warren Commission, House Select Commitee On Assassinations, and the Assassination Records Review Board.
Completely searchable CDrom included.

CD Rom Includes:
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· MPG movie of Dr. Ronald C. Jones at JFK Lancer's November In Dallas Conference 2000.

SC, 218 pages. $25.00

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sm bullet Unofficial Bell Systems Long Lines Page.
An Airborne UHF Voice Multiplex Communications System.

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sm bulletOrleans Parish Grand Jury Transcripts: Articles from Kennedy Assassination Chronicles

sm bullet Warren Commission Hearings, Volume V: Marina Oswald (History Matters website)
The testimony in this volume was conducted between May 6 and September 6, 1964 (the Warren Report was delivered to President Johnson on September 24, 1964).

sm bulletVolume XVIII: Marina Oswald

sm bulletConversation 5606 with Sen. Richard Russell (D-GA), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and member of the Warren Commission - Listen
Friday, September 18, 1964,  7:54 PM       Duration: 2 minutes 56 seconds
Johnson reaches Russell at his home in Georgia nine days before the Warren Commission report is released. He tells Johnson he is worn out from "fighting" over the report, and relates the details of what the report contains. Senator Russell and two other Warren Commission members, Hale Boggs and John Sherman Cooper, disputed the theory that a single bullet struck both President Kennedy and Governor Connally. Those who support the speculation that there was more than one gunman in Dallas would dispute Russell's comment here that it did not make a difference which bullet hit Connally.


sm bullet11/15/1998 Nellie Connally again disputes finding in death of JFK

DALLAS (AP) -- Nellie Connally, the last surviving passenger of the car in which President Kennedy was assassinated, is reasserting her belief that the Warren Commission was wrong about one bullet striking both JFK and her husband, former Gov. John Connally.

"I will fight anybody that argues with me about those three shots," she told Newsweek magazine in its Nov. 23 issue. "I do know what happened in that car. Fight me if you want to."

The Warren Commission concluded in 1964 that one bullet passed through Kennedy's body and wounded Connally, and that a second bullet struck Kennedy's head, killing him. It concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman.

The Connallys maintained that two bullets struck the president in Dealey Plaza 35 years ago and a third hit the governor. John Connally died in 1993 at age 75.

The Warren Commission concluded there also was a bullet that missed the car entirely. Some conspiracy theorists argue that if three bullets struck the men, as the Connallys insisted, and a fourth missed, then there must have been a second gunman because no one person could have fired four rounds from Oswald's bolt-action rifle so quickly.

Mrs. Connally says in Newsweek that personal notes she wrote a few weeks after the assassination reaffirm her belief of the number of shots.

After coming across them a few years ago, she began reading excerpts to small groups in Houston and Dallas.

Mrs. Connally wrote that after hearing the first shot, John Connally turned to his right to look back at Kennedy "and then wheeled to the left to get another look at the President. He could not, so he realized the President had been shot."

Then, she wrote, John Connally "was hit himself by the second shot and said, `My God, they are going to kill us all!' "

According to her notes, that was followed by the third shot that passed through Kennedy's head.

She wrote: "With John in my arms and still trying to stay down ... I felt something falling all over me. ... My eyes saw bloody matter in tiny bits all over the car. Mrs. Kennedy was saying, `Jack! Jack! They have killed my husband! I have his brains in my hand.' "


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