Jack Ruby

The Dallas Club Owner Who Shot Lee Oswald

Another Lone Nut?

Award-winning investigative journalist Jack Anderson wrote:

The man who eliminated Oswald, sleazy Dallas nightclub owner named Jack Ruby, claimed he was overcome by grief for Jackie Kennedy and her children. He shot Oswald as the accused assassin was being transferred from a city jail to a county jail on November 24. IT COULD HARDLY HAVE BEEN AN IMPULSIVE ACT. He infiltrated the jail with a loaded pistol in his pocket at the exact time of the transfer. Then he confronted Oswald, whose front was strangely unprotected in a phalanx of seventy armed lawmen.

Ruby hardly fit the model of a patriot-turned-vigilante. By his own admission, he hadn't voted for Kennedy, nor had he bothered to watch the president's motorcade in Dallas. Witnesses had overheard him making derogatory remarks about Kennedy that indicated he shared the mob's animosity for the first family. By all accounts except his own, Ruby was a two-bit nightclub operator who had never shown passion for anything except money. . . .

Washington cop Joe Shimon told me it was Trafficante who called in the mob's chits with Ruby and ordered him to kill Oswald. (PEACE, WAR, AND POLITICS, p. 117, emphasis added)


Jack with two of his show girls.
At the Friday night press conference.
Ruby at the Friday night press conference

Walking the halls of the Dallas Police Department

Ruby shoots Oswald
on Sunday, November 24, 1963 in the Dallas Police Department basement.


ruby_booke1Booked  RUBY booked Booked



Article by Mike Sylwester, "Mob Connections: Jack Ruby, Smuggling With and Spying on Communists, 1938 - 1958"

 3cbulgrDuring the Friday night "press conference" with Lee Oswald at the Dallas Police Station, then District Attorney Henry Wade said that Lee Oswald was a member of the "Free Cuba Movement," Ruby corrected him, stating: Fair Play for Cuba." As Ruby testified to Chief Justice Warren:

And they questioned Henry Wade, "what organization did he belong to," or something. And if I recall, I think Henry Wade answered, "Free Cuba." And I corrected Henry Wade, because listening to the radio or KLIF, it stood out in my mind that it was "Fair Play Cuba." There was a difference. So he said, "Oh yes, Fair Play Cuba," and he corrected that.

We left out in the hallway, and I saw Henry Wade standing there, and I went over to him and said, "Henry, I want you to know I was the one that corrected you." I think it is a childish thing, but I met Henry Wade sometime back, and I knew he would recognize me. By the way, it was "Fair Play Cuba," or something to that effect.
Actual newsreel footage. To play this clip, you will need Real Player 5.0.

3cbulgrRuby's Warren Commission Testimony

3cbulgrRuby (1992) Order the movie.
Synopsis: Ruby is a minor mobster who left the Chicago Mafia to open a strip club in Dallas. Struggling for money, he informs for the FBI while maintaining ties to the Mob. And that dual allegiance makes him the perfect fall guy. Jack Ruby, the Dallas strip club owner murdered President Kennedy's assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, on live television.

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