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We strive to build a diverse and strong JFK Lancer community. No matter what your level of expertise on the subject, we're just glad you're here. We believe that, as we all bring our curiosity to the table, we'll uncover more and more of the mysteries surrounding the JFK assassination. If you're not finding what you need on our website, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Hello Teachers & Students!

We are thrilled to have you as part of our JFK Lancer community. You are keeping the fire burning, always learning, always asking questions. Every year, as more and more information is uncovered, you are studying it in your classrooms and challenging yourselves to think differently. You are never satisfied with easy answers, but strive to keep digging. We couldn't do what we do without you passing the baton to the next generation.

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Hobbyists, Welcome

Maybe you're a history buff, or just curious about one of the most fascinating chapters in our US history. If you're intrigued by the JFK assassination, and curious to learn more about the circumstances surrounding it, you're in the right place. Some of us remember where we were when it happened. Some of us weren't even born yet. But none of us can resist a great mystery. Here are some links to get you started.

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Researchers, Witnesses, & Experts

We're very picky with our research around here. We want to make sure everything we present is reliable, ethical, and up-to-date. We are always on the lookout for new authors, experts, and researchers to be a part of this community and speak at our conferences. If you would like to set up a phone session with our president, Debra Conway, please email Gabriella Glenn.

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Are you looking for a witness, expert, or author for an article? We are here to help you connect to the right person. We work very hard to provide dependable, honest, and thorough research for both our community, and your audience. With the JFK Records Act document release, there is a need for qualified document experts to comment on their more crucial findings.

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