November In Dallas Conference 1999,

36th Anniversary of the assassination of President John Kennedy

1999 Speakers

Joseph Backes
Is a national authority on the Assassination Records Review
Board document releases. He has attended every meeting of
the Board, including their presentations to the American His-torical
Association and Organization of American Historians.
Backes has testified before the ARRB twice and publishes notes
on each document released.
TOPIC: Why JFK Went To Texas, Part II
A meticulous account of the Texas trip planning, with updated

Rex Bradford
Computer game designer and programmer, Bradford has supple-mented
his voracious reading with efforts to scan and dissemi-nate
large bodies of the documentary record in this case. Under
the banner "History Matters," this past summer he produced a
CD-ROM entitled JFK: Medical Evidence Archive.
TOPIC: Toward A Digital Archive
The CD-ROM and the Internet have paved the way for large-scale
dissemination of information. These tools are ripe for
use by the research community.

Pamela McElwain-Brown
Her speciality is the presidential limousine and Brown has
hosted a website on this subject since 1996, responding to que-ries
from around the world.
TOPIC: Examination of the Presidential Limo in the White
House Garage
This presentation uses a timeline format to determine the con-dition
of the Presidential Limousine from 11/22-11/26/1963
based on Secret Service and FBI photographs and expert wit-ness

Robert Chapman
Born in Jackson, Mississippi and graduate of University of
Memphis, 1972, earning a BA in art history. In 1975, he at-tended
a researcher's conference in New York City held at NYU.
Now editor of Kennedy Assassination Chronicles magazine,
research partner of Mary Ferrell and contributor to many re-searchers
and authors. Chapman's primary focus as a researcher
has been document analysis. Years of kind mentoring by Mrs.
Ferrell, and exposure to her tens of thousands of pages of docu-ments,
aided immeasurably in that pursuit.
TOPIC 1: ZR-RIFLE: Analysis of the Documents
TOPIC 2: Mary Ferrell Awards and Legacy Project

Debra Conway
Former retail executive, now historical researcher, and co-founder
and director of JFK Lancer.
TOPIC 1: Phases of Assassination
A chronology of documentary evidence mapping the phases of
the CIA-Mafia-Cuban exile assassination attempts on Fidel
Castro and how they evolved into the assassination of JFK.
TOPIC 2: JFK Alliance, A new organization for a new

Bill Drenas
Born on JFK's 41st birth-day and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts,
a city about 20 miles north of President Kennedy's place of birth. The
Kennedy assassination was an important topic of discussion in house from
the day it happened because of my late father's intense interest in the
murder. Later, books such as Six Seconds in Dallas and Rush to Judgment
resulted in interest in the assassination at a very young age. Drenas has
degrees in Environmental Technology and advanced degrees in Nutrition.
He is a collector and organizer of research information and have exten-sively
studied the Tippit shooting.
TOPIC: Bus Tour Narration

Dr. Adele Edisen
A graduate of the University of Chicago. She has done research on the
functions of the nervous system and has taught at various medical schools,
universities , and colleges.
TOPIC: Witness to the Plot
Account of her experiences in April, 1963, when Edisen was told about
Lee Harvey Oswald and the future assassination of President Kennedy.

Mary Ferrell
Researcher, archivist and contributor to many, many books on the assassi-nation;
most recently donated her database and chronology to the Mary
Ferrell Legacy Project
TOPIC: The Mary Ferrell Research Awards

Ian Griggs
Retired career police officer in the U.K. and has been studying the assas-sination
seriously since 1970. This is his 12th visit to Dallas and his ninth
conference. He is a founder member and current Secretary of the national
British research group, Dealey Plaza UK. He also edits the group's re-search
journal, The Dealey Plaza Echo, and is widely published on both
sides of the Atlantic and on the internet.
TOPIC: Coincidences in the Kennedy Assassination
This paper examines five important examples of people who, through
circumstances beyond their control, found themselves in unexpected and
unplanned places or situations on Friday 22nd November 1963. The people
concerned are Ed Hoffman, Johnny Calvin Brewer, Warren Caster, the
Newman family and James Tague.

Larry Hancock
Currently works as Director of Marketing and Communications for Zoom
Telephonics. He graduated from the University of New Mexico with majors
in history and anthropology. Larry has worked in various areas of
communications technology for over 20 years, after spending 4 years in
the U.S. Air Force. Larry has been seriously interested in the JFK Assas-sination
since 1989 when hooked by reading books by Jim Marrs and
Anthony Summers. In the last three years he has been years focusing on
the tactical aspects of Dealey Plaza, as well as the trail of pre-assassination
knowledge and warnings.
TOPIC: "The Man In The Middle" Richard Case Nagell's View Of An
President Kennedy.
Evolving Conspiracy
Presenting basic claims and contentions regarding Nagell himself and offer
an appraisal with relevant testimonies, documents and references.

Doug Horne
Doug Horne has a B.A. in History from Ohio State ('74). Prior to his
duties at the Review Board, he was a Surface Warfare Officer in the Navy
for 10 years; and that was followed by 10 more years working for the
Department of the Navy as a Federal civil servant. In mid-1995, Doug
resigned from his permanent "Federal civilian" position with the Depart-ment
of the Navy in Hawaii and took a position with the Review Board
staff as a Senior Analyst on the Military Records Team. He worked with
the Review Board for over three years rising to a Supervisory Analyst
position and becoming Chief Analyst for Military Records.
TOPIC 1: Specifics in the Files, with Q&A
TOPIC 2: A insider's view as to how the ARRB operated in its relation-ships
with various government agencies.

Jim Marrs
Texas-based journalist whose classic book on the JFK assassination,
Crossfire: The Plot To Kill President Kennedy
, was a New York Times
bestseller and one of the sources of Oliver Stone's film, JFK. His latest
book, Alien Agenda (1997), shifts his attention to UFOs and the govern-ment
cover-ups surrounding them. Marrs also teaches a college course on
the assassination.
TOPIC: Where Do We Go Now, and How Do We Get There?
A call to action.

Kerry McCarthy
John Kennedy's cousin and family historian, born to Marylou and Mat-thew
McCarthy shortly after the Korean War into one of America's most
politically involved families. Her grandmother, Loretta Kennedy Connelly,
was the sister of Joseph P. Kennedy.
TOPIC: We Remember President Kennedy

Wallace Milam
Wallace Milam has been investigating the JFK assassination since 1966
and has given nearly 500 speeches on the subject in colleges and
universities since 1974. He has specialized in the medical evidence in
the Kennedy case, appearing on medical panels in Washington, Chicago
and Dallas, and serving as medical researcher for Dr. Charles Crenshaw
in Dr. Crenshaw's successful defamation suit against the Journal of the
American Medical Association and the Dallas Morning-News in 1993--
a case based on the medical evidence in the JFK case. Wallace is now
writing a book dealing with recently-discovered evidence of Life
Magazine's private investigation of the JFK case, which is the subject of
his presentation today.
TOPIC: The Investigation that Never Was: Holland McComb: Life Maga-zine
and the Assassination of JFK.
In the fall of 1966, Life quietly undertook its own investigation of the
JFK assassination. Holland McCombs, Life's Dallas Bureau Chief, ran
the investigation in Texas, generating thousands of unseen JFK files and
photos, now housed in a special collection at the University of Tennessee

John Newman
Former military intelligence officer, Professor Newman now teaches at
the University of Maryland. Author of two important books: JFK and
and Oswald and The CIA.
Mexico City, A New Analysis
New findings in the documentary record.

Michael Parks
Dallas researcher, specializes in assassination photographs and Dealey
TOPIC: Photographic Evidence From Dealey Plaza
Presenting a series of pictures that will pin-point the exact location of the
head shot in Dealey Plaza, examine the possibility of a drain shooter and
analyze the size and placement of the Zapruder Stemmons sign com-pared
to other photographs taken on 11/22/63.

Craig Roberts
A combat experienced sniper, who is also the author of many books in-cluding,
Kill Zone: A Sniper's View of Dealey Plaza.
TOPIC: Reviewing the Ballistics and the Single Bullet Theory
Operation of the Mannlicher-Carcano, the angles of shot, the ballistics,
and the impossibility of evidence matching shots from only the 6th floor

Mark Taylor
The 1998 "Teacher of the Year" scholarship winner. Taylor, a teacher at
the Olathe South High School, was selected for his standard of excel-lence
in research and his contribution to the understanding of the murder
of President Kennedy. Taylor was fifteen years old when President
Kennedy was killed but it was twenty-five years before it had a major
impact on his life. He states, "In 1988, I discovered the Warren
Commission's evidence presented appeared to not substantiate their con-clusions
and that the intelligence agencies had not given the Commission
all the information needed to prove Lee Harvey Oswald guilty---or that
he acted alone." This realization stimulated a passion to find out the truth
which has generated not only a greater understanding of John Kennedy's
death, but to teach that understanding to other people, young as well as
TOPIC: A New Generation

Hal Verb
Considered part of the "first generation" (circa, 1963) of assassination
critics. He has written numerous articles on the subject of the JFK assas-sination
for various national and international publications; was the first
person to teach a college credit course on the subject of the JFK assassi-nation
at San Francisco State University from 1966-1969, among his guests
lecturers were trail-blazing researchers Harold Weisberg (former Senate
investigator and OSS analyst), Penn Jones, and Ray Marcus; has attended
and spoke at several conferences on the subject of assassinations in Wash-ington,
DC, Chicago, and Dallas; presented his research findings to the
ARRB in 1994.
TOPIC 1: The Fair Play for Cuba Committee
How the FPCC relates to the JFK assassination: the myths, the facts, and
the role Lee Oswald played. Uniquely placed in a historical context,
Verb will put it all in a proper perspective.
TOPIC 2: ARRB In Review
A discussion of the medical photographic and intelligence evidence and
the reasons for the ARRB's actions.




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