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JFK Lancer presents

Our 18th Annual International Conference on the Assassination of
President John F. Kennedy

November 21-24, 2013 • 50 Year Anniversary

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JFK Assassination Related Tours in Dallas TBA

If you are attending the conference you OWE IT TO YOURSELF
to get the best tour of Dealey Plaza and the many other assassination related sights!

Jerry Dealey
Jerry Dealey
Tour Director, Jerry Dealey

Jerry Dealey: A member of the famous Dealey family of Dallas, his Great Granduncle was George Bannerman Dealey, the founder of "The Dallas Morning News", and for whom Dealey Plaza was named. Also cousin to Commander Samuel D. Dealey, Jr., the captain of the US Submarine Harder, Medal Of Honor winner, and the most decorated Sailor in World War II. Jerry was born in Dallas, and has had family or lived here all of his life.

In addition to giving tours, Jerry is highly active in the JFK assassination research community and knows and exchanges ideas with many of the researchers, authors, witnesses, and investigators. Jerry has appeared on local television, presented material at conferences, appeared in documentary films and has published many articles on the assassination. Jerry feels he cannot be 100% positive of Oswald's sole involvement or prove a conspiracy. As such, he can evaluate all sides of any argument, and sees the pro and cons of either side.In addition to Jerry's Kennedy research, he has authored a book “D in the Heart of Texas” on the history of Dallas, Dealey Plaza, the Dealey family, and "The Dallas Morning News". He is an active Docent at the historic Hall of State in Fair Park, as well as a Docent at the Dallas County Old Red Courthouse Museum in Dealey Plaza. (Photo is of Jerry inside the jail cell where Oswald and Ruby stayed while in Dallas Police custody.)

The Adolphus 1321 Commerce Street — Dallas, TX 75202 800-221-9083 — Fax: 214-651-3563

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