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Student (includes Banquet) $50
Adult (includes Banquet) $250
Author's Table
Spouse (includes Banquet) $50
Additional Banquet $50
Bus Tour $50
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  • Under "Shipping and Handling" choose the "No Shipping Charge." After registering Spouse or others, please enter their name in the comment section. Names for all attendees are required.
  • After submitting your registration payment, please bring a print-out of your payment to the conference for registration.
  • All full registration fees include Saturday night Awards Banquet.
  • Cancellations for conference events must be made no later than 15 days prior to the event for a full refund. All Cancellations made after that date will be no more than 50% of total paid. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person or group, or remove and refund any fee paid by any person or group displaying unprofessional behavior.
  • Times are subject to change.
  • The public is also encouraged to attend the remembrance service for President Kennedy on Sunday, November 14, and Sunday, November 21, at Dealey Plaza, Dallas, from noon to 12:30 PM. Special music and speakers highlight this moving tribute to President John F. Kennedy.