JFK Recognizing the 10th Anniversary of JFK Lancer

November In Dallas 2005

Annual Research Conference on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy

November 18-20, 2005, in Dallas, TX

Our goals for NID 2005 were to continue to provide the most up-to-date and reliable research data available.

Again, we endeavor to realize these goals as we move forward in documenting true history.

We are very pleased to announce our Banquet Keynote Speaker, Professor David Barrett of Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania. Barrett’s chief research interests are the U. S. presidency and Congress in relation to foreign/ defense/intelligence policy. Professor Barrett is the respected author of “The CIA and Congress: The Untold Story from Truman to Kennedy” (University Press of Kansas, September 2005) explores the confidential interactions between heads of the Central Intelligence Agency and congressional leaders. No history of CIA and Congress in this era has previously been published. In a pre-publication review, Louis Fisher describes the book as “A truly groundbreaking, eye-opening descent into secret budgeting, espionage, and covert actions. Significantly alters our understanding of the level of congressional oversight that was performed.”
Also “Lyndon B. Johnson’s Vietnam Papers: A Documentary Collection” (1997, Texas A&M University Press), brings together 600 important primary documents from various archives, originating in the Johnson White House during the Vietnam War and “Uncertain Warriors: Lyndon Johnson and His Vietnam Advisers,” (University Press of Kansas, 1993; paperback, 1994), explores change over time in Vietnam War advisory interactions in the Johnson administration, along with numerous peer-reviewed articles and other publications such as: “Sampling CIA’s New Document Retrieval System: McCone Telephone Conversations During the Six Crises Tempest,” co-authored with Villanova graduate student Raymond Wasko, Intelligence and National Security, June 2005, “Glimpses of a Hidden History: Sen. Richard Russell, Congress, and Oversight of the CIA,” International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, Fall 1998, “Secrecy and Openness in Lyndon Johnson’s White House: Political Style, Pluralism, and the Presidency,” The Review of Politics, Winter 1992
These topics and more give Professor Barrett the uncommon experience in dealing first hand with the players and policymakers we as JFK researchers find in our own studies. We know you will not wish to miss to hearing of Barrett’s own experiences in searching through formerly classified documents and his success in turning up new vital and facts therein.

Joan Mellen Presentation on DVD

Joan Mellen, author of the upcoming book on Jim Garrison, “A Farewell to Justice. is Professor of English and Creative Writing at Temple University in Philadelphia. In 2004 she was awarded one of Temple’s coveted “Great Teacher” awards. She is the author of seventeen books, including film history,“The Waves At Genji’s Door: Japan Through Its Cinema”; “Women And Their Sexuality In The New Film,” “Big Bad Wolves: Masculinity In The American Film”; fiction, “Natural Tendencies”; true crime “Privilege: The Enigma of Sasha Bruce”; sports “Bob Knight: His Own Man”; and biography “Kay Boyle: Author of Herself”; “Hellman and Hammett” both “New York Times” Notable Books of the Year. In 1972 she was awarded a prize by the Mainichi Shimbun newspapers in Tokyo; this led to her writing five books about Japan. She has written for a number of publications, including the “Baltimore Sun,” where she is a regular contributor; the “New York Times”; the “Philadelphia Inquirer”; the “Los Angeles Times” and, most recently, three monographs for the British Film Institute, including one on Charlie Chaplin to be published in April 2006.
Topic: “A Farewell To Justice: Demythologizing Jim Garrison”

Rex Bradford has devoted himself to scanning documents and digitizing audio recordings related to the assassination of JFK, most recently in relation to Lee Harvey Oswald’s alleged visit to Mexico City. He is the webmaster for History Matters Document Collections, AARC Document Collections, and the Mary Ferrell Foundation. An author and a designer of games for computers, he resides in Massachusetts.
Topic: “Update on the Mary Ferrell Foundation Web site”
Rex will also join the JFK History panel

Debra Conway, President and Co-founder of JFK Lancer, specializing in Cuba, covert operations, and the assassination.
Topic: “Versions of Truth: The outing of a CIA agent and the false history of JFK, the State Dept. and Vietnam.”

Ian Griggs, Ian’s interest in the Kennedy assassination began on 22nd November 1963 and he has been studying it seriously for the past 35 years. He is a frequent visitor to Dallas and has presented research papers and moderated panels regularly at ASK, COPA, Fourth Decade and JFK Lancer since 1994. He is very proud to be a founder member, and a recently-elected Life Member, of the UK research group Dealey Plaza UK, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. His research articles have been widely published on both sides of the Big Pond. He is the proud recipient of a JFK Lancer Editor’s Award (1995) and a JFK Lancer Frontier Award (1998). The first of his two works in progress, “No Case To Answer”, has just been published by JFK Lancer Productions & Publications. It features 27 essays and articles in which he looks at aspects of the assassination and cover-up through the eyes of an English detective. He hopes to follow this with his definitive work on the Dallas Police Departmnent next year.
Topic: “Carousel Club dancer Kathy Kay, Jack Ruby, and Harry Olsen”

Larry Hancock, co-author (with Connie Kritzberg) of “November Patriots”, a work of historically-based fiction concerning the death of JFK, and “Someone Would Have Talked” (2003) a master work containing 5 years of cold war history, Cuban exiles, renegade CIA officers, and Mafioso, and a vast span of documents. Hancock has spent the last thirty-plus years dealing with computers and communications. Currently Marketing Director for Zoom Telephonics, Inc, he has expended considerable effort conducting research on intelligence aspects of the assassination. Larry was given the JFK Lancer New Frontier Award in 2000 and then the JFK Lancer-Mary Ferrell Legacy Award in 2001.
Topic: “Covert Operations – from Cuba to Dallas?”


Phil Hopley is the webmaster for “The JFK Link,” an archive of documents relevant to the “life, administration, death, and legacy” of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Understanding and experiencing the annoyance of trying to locate political speeches, Hopley has produced a web site that makes JFK’s career speeches free and easily accessible to anyone.
Topic: “Deep History of the Fair Play For Cuba Committee”

David Kaiser is Professor in the Strategy and Policy Department of the Naval War College. He has a BA and PH.D from Harvard; taught at Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, and Naval War College, 1980; author of five books, including “Postmortem: New Evidence in the Case of Sacco and Vanzetti” (with William Young) and “American Tragedy: Kennedy, Johnson and the Origins of the Vietnam War.” Currently at work on book on Cuban exiles, organized crime, assassination plots against Castro, and the assassination of JFK. Author of articles on the assassination for the “Washington Post” (1983) and “Intelligence and National Security” (1998.)
Topic: “Making Everyone Unhappy: The Kennedy Administration, Castro, and Cuban Exiles, 1963”

William Law, accomplished layman historian with many, many important interviews conducted including Bethesda witnesses Ex-FBI Special Agents James Sibert and Frances O’Neill and James Jenkins. Author of “In the Eye of History: Disclosures in the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence” (2004).
Topic: “A New Witness to the Plot”

Jim Marrs, as a distinguished journalist and author of best selling books like “Rule by Secrecy”, “Crossfire”, and “Alien Agenda”, Mr. Marrs is gifted writer and sleuth for the truth. His forty year experience in investigative journalism is a powerful discriminate for fact vs. fiction. Award-winning Texas author/journalist Jim Marrs has never hesitated to write about some of the greatest mysteries and controversies of our time.
Topic: “Means, Motives and Opportunities”

Thomas L. Pearcy, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Slippery Rock University, former Director, Latin American Studies, Brigham Young University, Founder, The Rey L. Pratt Center: An Internet Site Dedicated to the Study of Latin America (, Honorary Member, Facultad de Humanidades, Universidad de Panamá, Web Master, Department of History, SRU ( Guest Lecturer, Universidad Americana (Managua). The author of “La Generación del 31”; “Patriotas y Pretorianos”, “We Answer Only to God: The Military and Politics in Modern Panama, 1903-1947”, “Essential America”. Coauthored with George Tindall and David Shi. “Historia General de Panamá.” Five-volume work with coauthors from various nations. Commissioned by Panama’s Ministry of Culture, “Historia General” is the republic’s official centennial publication, marking one hundred years of independence from Colombia. Published August 2004. It is the nation’s official history. “The History of Central America.”

Ben Rogers served in the Army Security Agency during the Vietnam War years from 1967-1971 as a Vietnamese translator of encrypted North Vietnamese communications.He has degrees in history, music, theology, and information science, and has worked as archivist for the Baylor Collections of Political Materials since 1991. This special library contains the papers of 11 former US congressmen, several Texas Legislators, former Lt. Gov. Bob Bullock, four judges, an editorial cartoon collection, a Sept. 11th collection, several other ancillary collections, and a book collection documenting the political process.”
Topics: “Research in the Papers of Penn Jones, Jr”

John Simkin, Educated at the Open University (BA) and the Sussex University (MA, MPhil). Simpkin has taught history for over 25 years and is the author of several books including “Ghandi” (1987), “Stalin” (1987), “The Vietnam War” (1988), “Race Relations in the United State”s (1988), “Slavery: An Illustrated History of Black Resistance” (1988), “Hitler” (1988), “The Roman Empire” (1991), “Making of the United Kingdom” (1992), “Expansion, Trade and Industry” (1992), “The Medieval Village” (1996), “The Norman Invasion” (1996), etc. I started the JFK website in 2003. The JFK Forum followed in March, 2004.
Topic: “Grant Stockdale, Edwin Anderson Collins and Mary Pinchot Meyer. Three Deaths and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy”

Pat Speer has spent the last several years accumulating as much knowledge as he can on the JFK medical evidence. While most reseachers rely primarily on the testimony of the eyewitnesses, he has sought to analyze the evidence with a fresh perspective. Accordingly, he has spent hundreds of hours reading forensics journals and radiology textbooks in an attempt to acquire the knowledge necessary to come to a complete understanding of the evidence. With this presentation he illuminates the medical evidence in a brand new light. Guaranteed to make you think at least twice and scratch your head at least once.
Topic: “Lawyers, Doctors, and Head Shrinkers: Lies and Deceptions in the JFK Medical Evidence”

Jim Tague, will give his eyewitness account of the assassination and his revelations about the ensuing Warren Commission’s incomplete and faulty investigatio into the killing of President Kennedy. Tague describes the deceit, delay and denial inherent in the institutions and leaders of that time with a straight forward style that will shed light into the hidden truths of this event. Author, “Truth Withheld: A Survivor’s Story”

Stuart Wexler is a teacher (World History, AP Government) at Hightstown High School. He has been a JFK assassination researcher for about 15 years where he has focused on the issues connected to the chemical analysis of the ballistics material since 2000. Wexler has spoken on the subject at JFK Lancer’s NID twice, at the Wecht conference in 2003, and at the AARC conference in 2004, three of those times opposite Dr. Kenneth Rahn, NAA advocate, from the University of Rhode Island. Wexler has collaborated with chemist Tom Pinkston since approx 2000 on the same subject matter. Other Kennedy interests focus on Oswald, his background and associates leading up to November 22nd. (with Tom Pinkston)
Topic: “Bullet Fragment Fallacies - Neutron Activation Analysis and the FBI’s bullet fragment study”

Lamar Waldron, long-time assassination researcher and author of the new book, “Ultimate Sacrifice: John and Robert Kennedy, the Plan for a Coup in Cuba, and the Murder of JFK ” (with Air America radio host Thom Hartmann). Among the evidence unearthed by Waldron are “hundreds of CIA, military and State Department documents” specifically referring to a plan for a coup in Cuba, conceived by Robert Kennedy, drafted by the military with support from the CIA. Waldron’s historical research has been featured on the History Channel, and in magazines like “Vanity Fair”.
Topic: “Ultimate Sacrifice”

John Williams is a Professor Emeritus of Human Development and Familiy Studies at U-W Stout. His assassination research focus is upon the planning of the assassination of President Kennedy. Current research focuses upon the House Select Committee On Assassination and related issues for which he has published interviews in “Probe” Magazine. He is also working slowly on a biographical Essay on Robert D. Morrow.
Topic: “A Conspicuously Disowned Presence: General Curtis E. LeMay at The Bethesda Autopsy of Friday, November 22nd.”

Special Guest, Sherry Gutierrez
People that truly love music feel like it is what magnifies and makes clear their life. No matter the occasion or their disposition, there always seems to be a song in the air that reflects the inner portion of their heart. Sherry Gutierrez is one of those persons. She has been singing since a child, received a voice scholarship upon graduation from high school and married a musician. She and her husband have recorded a Christian CD and perform locally in her adopted home state of Arkansas.
Topic: “The Music of Camelot”

Jim Olivier, 35 year veteran of radio and television broadcasting in Louisiana, Jim has been a student of the assassination of John F. Kennedy since 1967. Jim has produced and hosted television and radio interviews with many well known researchers and authors such as Jim Garrison, David Lifton, Mark Lane, Mary Ferrell, Robert Mayheu, Joe West, David Belin, Jack Anderson, John Davis, John Newman, Dr. Charles Crenshaw, Penn Jones, Jr., and a host of Dealey Plaza eyewitnesses.
Topic: “News on Oswald in New Orleans” (with Stuart Wexler)

Tom Pinkston is a Chemist who has researched the history of the chemical analysis performed upon the bullet fragments found after the assassination of President Kennedy. Pinkston has spent his career of 19 years performing various kinds of trace element analysis upon many types of geological, environmental and semi-conductor materials samples. His present work includes include the analysis of materials for lead in both solids and drinking water as well as the analysis of volatile organic compounds through mass spectrometry.
Topic: Neutron Activation Analysis and the FBI’s bullet fragment study



NID 2005 Program Booklet (PDF format - 6MB)
The conference was a great success!! Thanks to everyone that attended and that presented and contributed to the conference. Your work is sincerely appreciated.


2005 New Frontier Awards:

“Presented in appreciation for your contribution of new evidence
and furthering the study of the assassination of President John F.. Kennedy.”

Tom Pinkston

Stuart Wexler

John Hunt

Special Educator Recognition: Thomas Pearcy


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