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JFK Lancer's Annual "November In Dallas"
Research Conference
on the Assassination of President John Kennedy

November 18-21, 2004


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Special Guest Speaker: Jefferson Morley
"The CIA in the JFK Story: The Role of George Joannides"

  • Rex Bradford / The JFK coffin mystery
  • Colin McSween / The Parkland Doctors Hospital medical reports
  • Bill Kelley / The Grand Jury initiative
  • Lamar Waldron / The Myth of the Kennedy Missile crisis compromise
  • Carol Hewitt / Lee Oswald and the Paines
  • Lawrence Teeter / Sirhan Sirhan and the RFK murder
  • Stuart Wexler / Research at NARA post ARRB
  • Tom Pinkston / New research on NAAA and the bullet fragments
  • Robert Chapman / The Mary Ferrell Foundation
  • William Law / Bethesda Autopsy Witnesses
  • Michael Cain / Richard Cain; the Castro and Kennedy assassinations
  • Hal Verb / JFK Assassination myths
  • Larry Hancock / The Kirknewton mystery, a pre-assassination conspiracy leak
  • Mark Sobel / The Warren Commission
  • James Tague / Witness to the assassination
  • Aubrey Rike / Parkland witness

    Special Guests

    Mr and Mrs Ianno, Stefania Ianno, and Debra Conway at the NID 04 Banquet. Stefania was awarded the Mary Ferrell Student of the Year Scholarship for 2004

    Beverly Oliver Massegee sings at the Dealey Plaza ceremony.

    Thanks to everyone for their work and contributions to making this year's conference such a success. Congratulations to Larry for another tremendous effort. Hi folks, hopefully some of the attendees will post here to give their views of the conference and in particular what they felt was new or educational content. I'd like to see those who attended the early bird Thursday evening "where are we now" research overview session with Rex Bradford, William Law and myself give their impressions on our remarks about how far we truly have come in 40 years.

    For myself, I was more than pleased by the speakers who exceeded my hopes and were all extremely cooperative thoughout. I probably learned the most from Stu Wexler and Tom Pinkston in their updated presentation on Neutron Activation Analysis and from William Law and Colin McSween on their presentations about Parkland and Bethusda. There is absolutely no substitute for William Law's primary research with the witnesses at Bethusda, especially his ground breaking work with the FBI agents. So many of the things we could only speculate about for 30 plus years are now in the historical record thanks to William.

    Jeff Morley's update on his findings in regard to CIA officers and obfuscation was of course interesting to me but I also enjoyed his objective remarks about the overall pursuit of truth from the perspective of an investigative journalist.

    In the end though perhaps the most inspirational remarks were from the student researcher, Stephania Lannis, a most remarkable young lady, who won this years Mary Ferrell - JFK Lancer Student of the year award. Her remarks at the testimonial banquet and later at the Plaza ceremony are what we all need to hear to confirm that the time, energy and resouces we spend in this quest for historical accuracy and truth are really worth it.

    And, as usual, the most valuable time I spent personally was the time in the hallways, restaurant, and other meeting places where the real networking and research gets done....usually up until about 1AM.

    Thanks to all, I hope we see other posts and I'll let someone else post about Mark Sobel and his fantastic movie!

    -- Larry

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