GEORGE MICHAEL EVICA. A much-published author on JFK. Evica has lectured widely and won praise for his book, "And We Are All Mortal." He is producer and broadcaster of the weekly radio show, "Assassination Journal," the longest-running public affairs program on a single subject (the JFK Assassination) in the US. The show is now available on the Internet. George Michael was the Senior Editor of the "Kennedy Assassination Chronicles" and is working on a series of new books on the JFK assassination.
TOPIC: Missing In Switzerland: The Albert Schweitzer College Mystery, US Intelligence, and the Hunt for Oswald (from the first chapter of "Intercept," now in its last draft)

PETER DALE SCOTT, a former Canadian diplomat and English Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, is a poet, writer, and researcher. Books include "The War Conspiracy" (1972), "The Assassinations: Dallas and Beyond" (in collaboration, 1976), "Crime and Cover-Up: The CIA, the Mafia, and the Dallas-Watergate Connection" (1977), "The Iran-Contra Connection" (in collaboration, 1987), "Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies, and the CIA in Central America" (in collaboration, 1991, 1998), "Deep Politics and the Death of JFK' (1993, 1996), and "Deep Politics Two" (1995).
TOPIC: Illusion and Denial in the JFK Assassination - Panel, Banquet Address

DAVID MANTIK, M.D., Ph.D., received his Ph.D. in physics from Wisconsin and his M.D. from the University of Michigan. A Board Certified Radiation Oncologist, he has done pioneering work studying the autopsy X-rays with densitometry, a type of investigation never before performed, and has conducted the most extensive studies of the Zapruder film ever undertaken. His important studies of the X-rays and of the alteration of the film appear in the books "Assassination Science" and the new "Murder In Dealey Plaza."
TOPIC: The Assassination Overview - Panel, Illusion and Denial in the JFK Assassination - Panel

NOEL TWYMAN, after a career in which he founded two successful companies, retired, and between 1992 and 1997 completed the investigative work and writing of "Bloody Treason." He has an Engineering Degree from Stevens Institute of Technology and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. He is a Registered Professional Engineer (Inactive) in the State of California and holds several patents in industrial process.
TOPIC: Illusion and Denial in the JFK Assassination - Panel

Note: ROBERT WHITE cannot attend due to a family illness.

DR. ROBERT C. JONES, currently residing in Dallas, Jones was Parkland Hospital's chief resident on November 22, 1963, the day President John F. Kennedy was shot. He will relive his experience of that day from the moment he answered the stat page sending him to Trauma Room One.
TOPIC: November 22, 1963, A Personal Story

KERRY McCARTHY, activist for political service and John Kennedy's cousin and family historian, born to Marylou and Matthew McCarthy shortly after the Korean War into one of America's most politically involved families. Her grandmother, Loretta Kennedy Connelly, was the sister of Joseph P. Kennedy.
TOPIC: The Kennedy Legacy, The Spirit of the New Frontier
KERRY MCCARTHY's speech at NID 1998

MICHAEL BELL, authored his Master's thesis on "JFK and the 1946 11th District Primary," a Kennedy scholar and historian, and political consultant. Bell is currently finishing work on a biography of Lenny Thom, Executive Officer of PT 109.
TOPIC: The Kennedy Legacy, JFK In The Balance

MARY FERRELL, Dallas based JFK assassination researcher, archivist from November 22nd, and contributor to many, many books on the assassination; Ferrell most recently donated her database and chronology to the Mary Ferrell Legacy Project.
TOPIC: Awards Banquet

Rex Bradford, author and computer game designer based in Massachusetts. He has spent the past two years scanning and disseminating electronic copies of important JFK assassination documents, and also digitizing audiotapes at the National Archives in order to make them more widely available.
TOPIC: In Their Own Words: Excerpts from Audio Files

Gregory Burnham, is a long time JFK assassination researcher, resides in San Carlos (a suburb of San Diego, California) and is currently writing two books. Both are related to the events of November 22, 1963. Burnham's "day job" is a "Police Escort Motor Officer" Motorcade Detail. Burnham's father was a special aid to both Presidents Truman and Eisenhower before leaving that post in 1960. Much of Mr. Burnham's interest in these subjects, he says: "Is inherited--it runs in the family." At six years old, Greg was living 15 minutes from the White House and attended the funeral services with his family.
TOPICS: Intelligence Connections
Chauncey Holt - Panel

Robert Chapman, currently based in Tennessee, a long-time JFK author, researcher and archivist, Chapman's primary focus as a researcher has been document analysis. Years of kind mentoring by Mrs. Ferrell, and exposure to her tens of thousands of pages of documents, aided immeasurably in that pursuit. Chapman holds a BA in art history and is currently the editor of the "Kennedy Assassination Chronicles" magazine.
TOPIC: Awards Banquet, Dealey Plaza

Bob Cochran, based in Washington State, he is an avid JFK enthusiast all of his life. An unusual turn of events put Bob in New Orleans, Louisiana during the JFK assassination and witnessed firsthand the hate for JFK prevalent in that City. Bob also lived in New Orleans in the 1970's where he attended Warren Eastin Senior High School which wasthe same school Lee Harvey Oswald attended. He is now a collector of JFK and conspiracy oriented items, especially first-hand items of JFK, Jack Ruby, and Lee Harvey Oswald.
TOPIC: JFK Special Collections: An Introduction to Frank Sturgis

Debra Conway, currently living in Southern California, Conway is a former retail-marketing executive; JFK researcher and archivist. She is Co-Owner-Director of JFK Lancer with her partner Tom Jones and is acting Director of JFK Alliance for Open Archives.
TOPIC: Too Many Agents on the Knoll, JFK Lancer Year in Review

James Fetzer, Ph.D., McKnight University Professor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota. He has published 20 books and more than 100 articles in philosophy of science and on the theoretical foundations of computer science, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science. He is editor of the books, "Assassination Science," and "Murder In Dealey Plaza."
TOPIC: Co-Chair of NID 2000, Chauncey Holt Panel, Illusion and Denial in the JFK Assassination Panel

Stewart Galanor,author of one of the most important books on the JFK assassination, "COVER-UP," a concise summation of the case. His research stems from 1964, when he assisted Mark Lane in the preparation of his classic, "Rush To Judgment."
TOPIC: JFK Assassination Orientation

Ian Griggs, a retired career police officer who has been studying the assassination seriously since 1970 and has presented research papers at several US conferences. Griggs is editor of United Kingdom's "The Dealey Plaza Echo" journal of the British group Dealey Plaza UK.
TOPIC: Kathy Kay Exhibit, Oswald and the Helinski Hotel

Larry Hancock, currently Marketing Director with Zoom Telephonics Inc., has spent the last 30 years in the communications and computer industries. He holds a BA with honors in History, Anthropology and Education from the University of New Mexico. Larry is the co-author, along with Constance Kritzberg, of "November Patriots," a docufiction on the subject of the JFK assassination. His past research presentations have focused on the purported intelligence connections of several individuals including Richard Case Nagell, Fred Chrisman and Thomas Beckham.
TOPIC: John Martino - Keys to the Conspiracy

Karyn L. Holt-Harcourt, is the daughter of Chauncey M. Holt. She has been recently introduced to the topic of the JFK Assassination through the filming of her father, and from this experience acquired great interest in the
subject matter.
TOPIC: Chauncey Holt Panel

Carol Hewett, Florida based attorney and JFK researcher specializing in the study of Michael and Ruth Paine.
TOPIC: The Paines, Oswald in New Orleans Panel: A Legal Review of the Clay Shaw Trial

Otis ("Karl") King, spent his first career as a Marine, including combat in some of the most intense fighting in the early days of World War II. He spent 3 1/2 years as a POW, conducting sabotage operations as a slave laborer. His book, "Alamo Of The Pacific," describes the siege of Bataan and Corregidor. His second career was as a broadcast journalist, including as News Director at KBOX Dallas when JFK was assassinated. He covered Jack Ruby's trial and asked him, "What's behind this? What's it all about?," to which Ruby replied, "Ask the man who's up there now!," referring to LBJ.
TOPIC: November 22, 1963, A personal story

Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko, researches the Kennedy era specializing in the assassination. She holds a BAAS in both computer science and business administration, with master degree work in political science. She is a leading Archive II Researcher who has spent literally hundreds of hours at the National Archive JFK Collection reviewing and copying released documents.
TOPIC: ZRRIFLE Program and the 112th Intelligence

Jim Marrs, Texas-based award-winning journalist whose classic book on the JFK assassination, "Crossfire: The Plot To Kill President Kennedy," was a New York Times best-seller and one of the sources of Oliver Stone's film, "JFK." His second book, "Alien Agenda" (1997), shifts his attention to UFOs and the government cover-ups surrounding them. His newest book is "Rule by Secrecy" (2000) uncovers the hidden masters of history and religion. Marrs also teaches a college course on the assassination.
TOPIC: The Assassination Overview - Panel
Crossfire: The Plot To Kill President Kennedy Buy the book!

David Mollering, A long time friend of Chanucey Holt. Mollering, who works for a San Diego daily newspaper, will offer his comments and observations about Chauncey's credibility and remarkable life history.
TOPIC: Chauncey Holt Panel

Jim Olivier, Louisiana based television journalist and JFK researcher. Jim has been researching and studying the assassination of John F. Kennedy for over 30 years. He has produced numerous television segments on various aspects of the assassination including several interviews with Jim Garrison.
TOPIC: Oswald in New Orleans, Jim Garrison

Michael Parks, a native of Dallas and an engineer, was standing along Main Street while the Kennedy motorcade passed and has been interested in the event of that day since. His main fields of interest are the documents on the assassination and Dealey Plaza. He currently works as a supervisor at a Internet provider and main-frame operation in Dallas. His other lifelong project is martial arts, of which he holds several black belt degrees.
TOPIC: Altgens, Zapruder and the Dealey Plaza Plats

Roger Peterson, a Sacramento-based marketing consultant and business writer who has followed the JFK murder since the moment it happened. He wrote an article on the case, entitled "DeClassified," for the August 1996 issue of "American History" Magazine. Peterson has been one of the speakers in Dealey Plaza for several years.
TOPIC: Awards Banquet

John Ritchson, Gunsmith and Ballistican; co-owner of the Black Eagle Gunworks. With US Army Special Forces upon completion of basic training; specializing in unconventional warfare, weapons, munitions and tactics. He served in a number of special classified operations in the South-East Asian Theater of Operations, completing nearly two tours of duty before being wounded and ultimately discharged from active duty.
TOPIC: Ballistics - Bullets and Fragments

Craig Roberts, former Marine sniper, law enforcement officer and ballistics expert. Author of "Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza," and other books on arms and ballistics.
TOPIC: Ballistics - The Tippit Shooting

Stephen Roy - Massachusetts based University Director of Television and Radio and teach Television Production. Roy obtained the Report and Hearings and Exhibits in 1965, and read all the early critical literature. He followed the Garrison probe very closely. In the 70s, began lecturing on the assassination and visiting the National Archives. In the late 70s, became a New Orleans specialist.
TOPIC: Oswald in New Orleans Panel

James Sawa, holds a BS in business and MBA from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. His interest in the Kennedy assassination dates back to childhood as his family followed President Kennedy's life and subsequently the investigations into his assassination. Sawa speaks to small groups in the Pittsburgh area and with Glenn Vasbinder has designed a college course of Kennedy's life and death, currently running at the University of Pittsburgh. They have co-authored the book "A Compilation of the Books and Movies Relating to the Life and Assassination of President John F. Kennedy," now in its third edition.
TOPIC: Airforce One Then and Now Exhibit

Mark Taylor, Missouri based JFK researcher and educator. 1998 JFK Lancer - Mary Ferrell Teacher of the Year Scholarship winner.
TOPIC: The Assassination Overview Panel - the Public

Lawrence Teeter* will not be able to attend this year.

Stephen Tyler, New Orleans based film maker of "He Must Have Something" about the Jim Garrison/Clay Shaw case. He also produced "Dega In New Orleans," winner of numerous awards, and "Our Heritage Is At Stake," a documentary on the controversial politician David Duke. Tyler has also produced segments for the "Ophra" show and "Access Hollywood." He is now in the process of producing a new documentary on David Ferrie.
TOPIC: Oswald in New Orleans Panel

Tom Wilson, an expert on computer analysis with image processing on dynamic and static images, has qualified as an expert witness in U.S. federal court in relation to the analysis of entrance and exit wounds of deceased in fatality scene photographs. He is also listed as an expert witness with the Department of Justice. His work on the assassination of JFK has been widely acclaimed and featured in the series, "The Men Who Killed Kennedy."
TOPIC: Special Video Presentation




Ian Griggs - Kathy Kay

Debra Conway - The Mystery Man on the Knoll, Assassination Bullets and Fragments

Bob Cochran

Michael Parks

James Sawa - Air Force One Then and Now


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