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We have chosen the following events that best represent a dedication to historic accuracy and excellence. If you are looking for JFK research resources, please visit our Research Collection page.

JFK & Dallas Seminar

As part of Specter of Treason-The Oswald Trial we will also present a JFK assassination seminar. Titled, JFK and Dallas, the seminar will feature displays of books and items which are noteworthy to both the assassination and to Kennedy's time in office. In addition researchers and other interested parties will be on hand to give presentations pertaining to different elements of the assassination, investigation and the subsequent years of research. Finally, an assassination forum will be held comprised of JFK assassination experts in which all facets of the event will be discussed and questions will be fielded from the audience in attendance. The seminar will be held at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio.

Speakers will be: Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, Steve Jones, Debra Conway, Sherry Feister, Josiah Thompson, Jerry Policoff. John Judge is tentative.

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