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Build your own personalized DVD or Digitized Thumb Drive collection! We are proud to provide our speaker presentations on DVD for your research and scholarship. We would love the chance to help you put together a media collection that is a perfect fit for your needs. Email us for assistance - orders@jfklancer.com

(*Some years are transferred from video and are of poorer quality than others, however, every disk has information of value.)


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The past few years has been difficult ones, losing two very important researchers in the JFK community: Sherry Fiester and Jim Marrs. To honor them, we have put together some special edition DVD sets of some of their finest presentations. Other collections include: Witnesses, Medical Evidence, Dealey Plaza/WC Evidence, & Cuba/CIA Document Releases. You can even customize your own! Email us to place your order for Special Edition DVD and Thumbdrive Sets.


NID 2018 Full Set - DVD NID 2018 Full Set - DVD $140
NID 2018 Full Set - Thumb Drive NID 2018 Full Set - Digital $100

List of Speakers and Guests:

2018-01 Welcome, Debra Conway, Alan Dale Bill Kelly, CAPA / Document Releases    
2018-02 David Mantik and Mike Chesser JFK X-Rays    
2018-03 John Orr, with Larry Schnapf CE 399 Materials / Dealey Plaza Study    
2018-04 Stephen Fagin and Krishna Sheney Sixth Floor Archive Materials    
2018-05 Stu Wexler and Larry Hancock John Hunt's Materials / RFK Archives    
2018-06 John Newman Framing RFK in the Castro Assassination Attempts    
2018-07 Carmine Savastano and Larry Hancock RFK - Other Suspects    
2018-08 Larry Hancock The Wheaton Names    
2018-09 Bill Simpich and Larry Hancock DPD Suspicions / Dallas Suspects    
2018-10 Russ Baker Hiding the Proof / We Want The Records    
2018-11 Jim Jenkins and William Law At the Cold Shoulder of History    
2018-12 David Knight A New Theory, A New Weapon    
2018-13 Gary Murr A Small Arms Dealer / Death of a President    
2018-14 Stu Wexler and Larry Hancock MLK: The Conspiracy / MLK (Break Out)    
2018-15 James Rowsey and Hubert Clark, with William Law Betrayal: JFK Honor Guard Speaks    
2018-16 Malcolm Blunt and Alan Dale Tennent Pete Bagley, A Remembrance    
2018-17 John Newman The Kennedys, King and the Race Issue    
2018-18 Banquet and Awards Special Guest Speaker, Pat Hall    
2018-19 Aldo Mariotto The Texas Trip, Johnson's Agenda    
2018-20 Ralph Ganis Otto Skorzeny and the Assassination    
2018-21 Kenneth Zediker A Photo Exhibit, The Evolution of the Plaza    


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