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We are proud to provide our speaker presentations on DVD for your research and scholarship.* Buy a collection by year, by speaker name, by topic, or build your own personalized DVD collection! We would love the chance to help you put together a media collection that is a perfect fit for your needs.

(*Some years are transferred from video and are of poorer quality than others, however, every disk has information of value.)

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The year 2017 was a difficult one, losing two very important researchers in the JFK community: Sherry Fiester and Jim Marrs. To honor them, we have put together some special edition DVD sets of some of their finest presentations. Other collections include: Witnesses, Medical Evidence, Dealey Plaza/WC Evidence, & Cuba/CIA Document Releases. Email Gabriella to place your order for Special Edition DVD Sets. You can even customize your own!

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NID 2017 Full Set (20% OFF!) 2017-00   $152
2017-01 Dr. John Newman (1) KGB-CIA Spy Wars: Oswald and the Angleton Molehunt in the CIA's Soviet Russia Division $10
2017-02 Dr. Mike Chesser Studies of the HSCA enhanced skull x-rays $10
2017-03 Jeff Morley James Angleton and the Assassination of JFK $10
2017-04 Dr. Michael Marcades Rose Cherami (Melba Christine Marcades) $10
2017-05 Malcolm Blunt & Alan Dale JFK Records: Analysis and Opinion $10
2017-06 Chris Gallop Texas: Money, Oil, and Power $10
2017-07 Carmine Savastano Assassination Myths and Misses $10
2017-08 Gary Murr Fragmentation - The Disconnected History of Warren Commission Exhibit 842 $10
2017-09 Russ Baker The Big Media Freeze $10
2017-10 Dr. John Newman (2) Fiction is Stranger Than Truth: Antonio Veciana and David Phillips in Cuba $10
2017-11 Mary Ann Moorman Krahmer Remarks with Q & A $10
2017-12 Dr. Randy Robertson Dr. James Young & the Bullet with the Bent Tip $10
2017-13 Chuck Ochelli The Kennedy Assassination and the Media $10
2017-14 Casey Quinlan "Grave InJustice", Fabricating the Autopsy & Institutionalizing its Cover Up $10
2017-15 Brian Edwards, Bill Simpich & Larry Schnapf Remarks on Houston Mock Trial $10
2017-16 Stu Wexler More on the Library Card mystery $10
2017-17 J. Gary Shaw A New, Old Witness $10
2017-18 Larry Hancock & Bill Simpich ZR/RIFLE / Origins and Realities $10
2017-19 Andrew Kreig Be the Media: Connecting JFK Records To Next Year's 50th Focus On MLK, RFK $10



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