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COMING SOON! We are proud to provide our speaker presentations on DVD for your research and scholarship.* Buy a collection by year, by speaker name, by topic, or build your own personalized DVD collection! We would love the chance to help you put together a media collection that is a perfect fit for your needs.

(*Some years are transferred from video and are of poorer quality than others, however, every disk has information of value.)

collection Special Edition DVD Sets
The year 2017 was a difficult one, losing two very important researchers in the JFK community: Sherry Fiester and Jim Marrs. To honor them, we have put together some special edition DVD sets of some of their finest presentations. Other collections include: Witnesses, Medical Evidence, Dealey Plaza/WC Evidence, & Cuba/CIA Document Releases. Email Gabriella to place your order for Special Edition DVD Sets. You can even customize your own!
NID 14 Set
Entire 2014 Set
14.1 Jim DiEugenio
Welcome Intros & The WC at Fifty
14.2 Brian Edwards
Making Sense of the Nonsense
14.3 Casey Quinlan
The WC: Closing the Window of Truth
14.4 Round Tables
DiEugenio, Edwards, Hancock, Simpich, Speer, Wexler
14.5 Bill Simpich
How the WC Covered Up Evidence
14.6 Nix-Jackson
First Person Accounts: Buell & Bob Frasier
14.7 Ceremony
Dale, Cochran, Oliver, Shaw & Newman
14.8 Jim Marrs
Special Presentation
14.9 Sherry Fiester
Single Bullet Theory: Criminal Investigation
14.10 Jim DiEugenio
JFK's Foreign Policy: A Motive for Murder
14.11 Pat Speer
Whitewashing the Whitewash; Word from Nichelle Donnely
14.12 Stu Wexler
C1: The Bullet that Was and Went
14.13 Larry Hancock
Second Chance or "Nothing happening here. Just move along."



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