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We are proud to provide our speaker presentations on DVD or Thumbdrives for your research and scholarship. Buy a collection by year, by speaker name, by topic, or build your own personalized DVD collection! We would love the chance to help you put together a media collection that is a perfect fit for your needs.

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    Special Edition DVD Collection Sets Here
    We have put together some special edition DVD sets of Sherry Fiester and Jim Marrs, along with some of the finest presentations of selected researchers/experts. These collections include: Witnesses, Medical Evidence, Dealey Plaza/WC Evidence, & Cuba/CIA Document Releases. Email us to customize your own!


    CUBA-CIA Presentations Collection 1.
    2013 Scott Kaiser - Cuban Exile Connections to the JFK Assassination
    2012 Bill Simpich - Mexico City
    2011 Larry Hancock - Risky Business/ The JFK -Castro Private Communication
    2011 Bill Simpich - Spy Games in Mexico City
    2011 Larry Hancock - The Bay Of Pigs
    2007 Debra Conway - Selections from Frank Sturgis tapes


    CUBA-CIA Presentations Collection 2.
    1999 Debra Conway- Cuba/CIA Phase One Timeline
    2008 Edward Martino - John Martino, Observations and Insights
    2009 Michael J. Cain - The Chicago Mob and Richard Cain
    2004 Jeff Morley - The CIA in the JFK Story: The Role of George Joannides
    2016 Marie Fonzi - Gaeton Fonzi’s Research
    2015 David Talbot - Allen Dulles


    Dealey Plaza and Warren Commission Evidence
    2014 Jim DiEugenio - WC Creditability
    2014 Brian Edwards - WC Evidentiary & Testimony Issues
    2014 Casey Quinlan - WC Evidentiary & Testimony Issues
    2013 Barry Ernest - The Search for Victoria Adams
    2013 Rollie Zavada - The Zapruder Film
    2007 Richard Van Noord - Officer Marion Baker Timeline


    2016 Bill & Gayle Newman with Stephen Fagin
    2015 Buell and Rob Frazier - Lee Oswald and the Tx School Book Depository
    2012 Dr.Toni Glover - Dealey Plaza Witness
    2004 Aubrey Rike and Jim Tague
    2012 Pat Hall - Oswald’s Apartment in the Rooming House
    2003 Jim Hosty

    Medical Collection

    Medical Evidence
    2015 William Law and Jim Jenkins, "Medical Evidence Research Updates"
    2015 Dr. Mike Chesser, "Review of President Kennedy’s X-rays"
    2015 Bill Garnet and Parkland Doctors Documentary Panel
    2016 Dr. Cyril H. Wecht
    2004 William Law, “Finding Reality at the Bethesda Autopsy”
    1998 Doug Horne


    Jim Marrs
    2014 Special Presentation
    2013 Conspiracy
    2012 Ruby Revisited
    2011 Jack Ruby in Dallas
    2010 The Roscoe White Mystery
    2009 Loose Ends in Dallas


    Sherry Fiester
    2015 Trajectory Analysis in the Kennedy Case
    2014 A Single Bullet Theory, A Criminal Investigation
    2013 Reconstructing the Fatal Head Shot
    2012 Witness Reliability
    2010 Update on Blood Spatter and the Trajectory Controversy
    2011 Reconstructing/Tragectory Studies of the Fatal Shot

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