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Item No. Title Price
NID04-1a/b/c JFK Research; the view from 2004, panel with Larry Hancock, William Law and Rex Bradford $10.00
NID04-2a/b Rex Bradford, The mystery of the Kennedy Coffin; Robert Chapman, Noa Simmons, Debra Conway: Mary Ferrell Foundation
NID04-3 William Law, Finding Reality at the Bethesda Autopsy $10.00
NID04-4 Hal Verb – Myths of JFK Research $10.00
NID04-5 Colin McSween, The Parkland Doctor's Reports $10.00
NID04-6 Larry Teeter, The RFK Assassination $10.00
NID04-7a/b/c Joe Biles, The Waggoner Carr Papers; Aubrey Rike, Parkland Hospital Witness; James Teague, Dealey Plaza Witness $10.00
NID04-8 Jeff Morley, The CIA in the JFK Story: The Role of George Joannides  
NID04-9 Larry Hancock, Pre-assassination Leaks / The Kirknewton Intercept $10.00
NID04-10a/b  Stuart Wexler, Working in the NARA Archives Post-ARRB; Tom Pinkston, Update on bullet evidence and the NAAA; Michael Cain - Research on Richard Cain and associates. $10.00
NID04-11a/b Awards Banquet "Tribute to Mary Ferrell"; Dealey Plaza Ceremony Gary Becker, Mark Taylor, Stephania Ianno, Beverly Oliver, Bob Cochran $10.00
Set Price $125.00


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