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Item No. Title Price Order
NID-2003-1 James Hosty, Dick Russell, Debra Conway panel (102 min) $10.00
NID-2003-2 Sherry Gutierrez "Reconstructing the source location of the head shot" (28 min); Thomas Pinkston "Neutron Activation Analysis and the FBI" (67 min); Q & A (24 min) (TOTAL 119 min) $20.00  
NID-2003-3 William Law "New findings on the Bethesda Autopsy," including interviews with O'Connor, Custer, Jenkins, Siebert, Dennis David, Bethesda witness (TOTAL 2 hr., 47 min.) $20.00  
NID-2003-4 Lawrence Teeter, Attorney for Sirhan Sirhan (119 min) $10.00  
NID-2003-5 George Michael Evica "The Unitarian Universe of Lee Harvey Oswald" (62 min); Barbara LaMonica "The Right-Wing Rebellion within the U.S." (51 min) (TOTAL 113 min) $20.00  
NID-2003-6 Matthew Smith "Cause and Effect: The Pattern Emerges" (58 min); John Benguhu "conversation with Richard Helms"; Debra Conway "Northwoods Document"(33 min); Larry Sells "LBJ, Allen Dulles, Dean Andrews (23 min); Joe Biles "School textbooks, treatment of the assassination" (22 min) (TOTAL 2 hrs., 16 min.) $30.00  
NID-2003-7 JFK Lancer Banquet with Jesse Ventura, James Tague, Dick Russell (71 min); Larry Hancock "LBJ's role in the cover-up" (46 min) (TOTAL 117 min) $20.00  
NID-2003-8 Dick Russell "The Man Who Knew Too Much" (37 min) ; Larry Hancock "The Twyman interview of Roy Hargraves" (25 min); Matthew Smith "New information from Redbird Airport "(38 min); Q & A (6 min) (TOTAL 106 min) $30.00  
NID-2003-9 Jim Olivier "The Louisiana Connection" (31 min); Robert Dorff "New findings in the Rose Cheramie incident" (45 min) ; Michael Cain "JFK, Cuba and the Chicago Mob" (33 min); Larry Hancock remarks (8 min) (TOTAL 118 min) $30.00  
NID-2003-10  Ian Griggs "40 Years of Press Coverage of the JFK Assassination" (46 min); John Williams "The HSCA and Dangerous Memories", (52 min); Q & A (5 min); Larry Hancock remarks (6 min) (TOTAL 109 min) $20.00
NID-2003-11 Dr. William Zedlitz "Parkland Hospital witness" (33 min); Harold A. "Skip" Rydberg and Barry Keane "Medical evidence and drawings" (80 min) (TOTAL 113 min) $20.00
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