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 Order No. 2010 TITLE Each Purchase
 NID-10-1 Randy Owen, Previewing The Assassination Photo Chronology Website $10.00
 NID-10-2 Chris Scally, Z Film Chronology (*presented by Randy Owen) $10.00
 NID-10-3 Jerry Dealey, TSBD Shooter Issues  $10.00
 NID-10-4 Casey Quinlan, The North Knoll $10.00
 NID-10-5a/b (2 disks)

Greg Parker: RFK, A Different Trail (presented by Larry Hancock); 

Greg Parker: CIA spy games in Mexico City (presented by Debra Conway)
 NID-10-6 Stu Wexler, CIA Penetration of the Cuban embassy; MLK, A Different Trail (presented by Larry Hancock)  $10.00
NID10-7 Bill Simpich, Oswald and Intelligence; Angleton's Cover-up $10.00
NID-10-8 Lamar Waldron - JFK, King and Watergate: Files still withheld or destroyed  $10.00

Larry Hancock - Oswald's Words VS Actions 

NID-10-9b Larry Hancock - National Security issues on Nov 22 $10.00
NID-10-10 Jim DiEugenio, Historical Revisionism and the JFK Case $10.00
NID-10-11 Brian Edwards, Minox Mysteries $10.00
NID-10-12 G. Paul Chambers, From his book, "Head Shot, The Science Behind the JFK Assassination" 
NID-10-13 Don Thomas, From his book, "Hear No Evil"  $10.00
NID-10-14 Sherry Fiester, Update on Blood Spatter and the Trajectory Controversy $10.00
NID-10-15 Rollie Zavada - The Zapruder Film, Understanding the Tools Available for Authentication  $10.00
NID-10-16 Jim Marrs, the Roscoe White Mystery  $10.00
  • Banquet, Awards and Auctions - Randy Owen, Bob Cochran, Larry Hancock, Sherry Feister, Brian McKenna, Debra Conway
  • Ceremony in Dealey Plaza 
NID-00-18 John Sanders, with Luellen Smiley, Life of Mobster Johnny Roselli  $10.00


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