Disclosures in the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence


by William Law

with Allan Eaglesham

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ISBN 0965658287 (Softcover 6 x 9 Book)
369 pages
31 photo and illustration pages

Published by JFK Lancer

"In The Eye Of History"
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Dennis David describes observing the arrival at Bethesda Naval Hospital of the navy ambulance carrying Jackie Kennedy with the official casket purportedly carrying the president's body -- some time after he had supervised the unloading of a shipping casket that he'd been told contained the body of the president.

And there is discussion of the 1966 death of William Pitzer in whose possession Dennis David claims to have seen a secret movie of the Kennedy autopsy.

Autopsy technician Paul O'Connor helped remove the president's body -- he recalls that it was in a body bag -- from a shipping casket; this contrasts with the placement of the president's body in an ornate casket in Dallas, after wrapping only in sheets and towels.

O'Connor's associate, James Jenkins, emerged from the autopsy convinced that the president had been shot from two directions.

X-ray technician Jerrol Custer recalls seeing Mrs. Kennedy enter the Naval Hospital, having just arrived with her husband's body -- yet Custer was on his way to the darkroom to develop X-ray plates already taken of the president's corpse.

Ex-FBI Special Agents James Sibert and Francis O'Neill pour scorn on the single-bullet theory -- the sine qua non of the Warren Report -- yet are reluctant to conclude that more than one sniper was involved.
O'Neill ARRB Inteview Audio (History Matters)

Saundra Spencer compares and contrasts the extant photographs from the Kennedy autopsy with those that she developed; the differences are startling. ARRB Interview Audio (History Matters Website)

Harold Rydberg describes how he illustrated the president's wounds solely from verbal descriptions and provides first-hand impressions of the personalities of the autopsy doctors.

"See, the way they got the single-bullet theory was by moving the back wound up to the base of the neck...I don't buy the single-bullet theory. I'm adamant in that statement."

--ex-FBI Special Agent James W. Sibert

Harold Rydberg (2nd from right)
Paul O'Connor

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Saudra Spencer annotations

 In his foreword, Dr. David W. Mantik states: "For anyone who wants a first-hand look at that long-ago night, this is as close as we can now get."

"Quite unique, designated to be extremely useful, and a 'must have' for researchers. It will, I am sure, become the standard volume on what really took place at the autopsy."

--Matthew Smith, author of JFK: The Second Plot

While this book would appeal to anyone with an interest in the Kennedy Assassination, for those with a particular bent for all things medical, this work is essential reading. Buy it asap!

Vincent Palamara, author

...a great read and enlarges one's knowledge about the autopsy and the skullduggery at the morgue. Sibert gets my respect for wanting to get the truth out and William deserves congratulations for his perseverance and hard work -- and I must not forget the editor Allan Eaglesham.

Gerry Greenstone, JFK Researcher


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