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JFK Lancer works with the largest, most active group of President John F. Kennedy historical researchers. Our past conferences have had many of the assassination related witnesses and most respected of the authors and researchers from around the world speak on the assassination and on President Kennedy's policies.

JFK Lancer has the honor of publishing several great authors including Sherry Fiester, Michael Marcades, Joan Mellen, William Law, Larry Hancock and more. For more information on their books, visit our bookstore.

We also offer other media such as DVD recordings of our live NID Conference speakers and guests. Every year we host dozens of excellent speakers who do an incredible job of shedding new light on our ongoing research of the assassination. We would love to help you find the speakers and topics that would most interest you. Take a moment to fill out this short DVD Interest Form, and our team will contact you with some suggestions from our vast collection.

We also offer various searchable CD-roms and PDF files with research documents and photographs. One of our most exciting collections is the full 8-year set of the Kennedy Assassination Chronicles.


document collectionNew PDF Document Collection Available Now!

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The files contained in this collection provide context and backstory related to two individuals who have come to represent an enigmatic tangent to two areas of popular interest, the mystery of Unidentified Flying Objects and the quest to uncover the true story behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. 

Fred Crisman and Thomas Beckham Collections
Curated by Larry Hancock and Glynn Cressy

The appearance of Crisman and Beckham in JFK materials only began in conjunction with a pair of anonymous letters mailed to New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison. The letters were intriguing, appeared to suggest a host of mysterious links and networks. While Beckham’s involvement begins with the JFK story, Crisman’s reach (and mysterious claims) were much broader, enough so that at one point in time the CIA investigated him because of his own claims to be working for CIA in disruptive activities targeting local school board and municipal government.  

Over 500 pages of documents.

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