NEXUS: Political Assassinations and the CIA

  • The CIA and Extreme Deniability
  • The Culture of the Agency
  • Spy Games in Mexico City

Hancock describes his book saying in essence that this work deals with "what happened" rather than "how could something like that happen?" How can you take a position that CIA officers were involved and yet maintain that it was not an act of the Agency as a whole? The only way to respond to that question is to engage in a historical study of how political assassination evolved within the Central Intelligence Agency.

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For the "last word" on the tragedy of November 22, 1963, read Hancock's book!
- Dick Russell

Someone Would Have Talked... if they had privileged information concerning the most infamous murder in modern history; talked with an unintentional slip, in a furtive intimate exchange, or perhaps with a boastful remark about their personal knowledge of a conspiracy in the murder of a President.

... And someone did.

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Keys to Conspiracy
Research of Larry Hancock -
includes 3 years of documents presented at
November In Dallas Conferences and utilized in his book, "Someone Would Have Talked."

  • 112th Intelligence Corps Document
  • John Martino Documents

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