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1.The missing negative.
HSCA VI, p 139
(1) History of the Backyard Photographs

In the early afternoon of November 23, 1963, Dallas detectives obtained a warrant to search the Paine residence in Irving, Tex., where Marina Oswald had been living. (125) The search concentrated primarily on a garage in which possessions of the Oswalds were, stored. Among the belongings, Dallas Police officials found a brown cardboard box containing personal papers and photographs, including two snapshot negatives of Oswald holding a rifle. (126) (Only one negative was made available to the Warren Commission; the other has never been accounted for.) (127)



2. The Dees (White) Photo


HSCA VI, p 141
   The committee obtained an 8 X 10 print of an additional view of Oswald holding the rifle in a pose different from CE 133-A or generation print, * was given to the committee on December 30, 1976 by Mrs. Geneya Dees of Paris, Tex,    
   According to Mrs. Dees, it had been acquired by her former husband, Roscoe White, now deceased, while employed with the Dallas Police at the time of the assassination. The panel designated this recently discovered photograph as 133-C.



3. The deMohrenshchildt Photo


HSCA VI, p141
   The committee obtained another first generation print 133-A on April l, 1977 from the window of George de Mohrenschildt. In the manuscript of his book, which he was writing at the time of his death in 1977, he stated that he and his wife had found the photograph in February 1967 among personal belongings they had stored in Dallas before departing for Haiti in May 1963.

   (381) On review of 133A-deMohrenschildt (see figs. IV-2O and IV-21, JFK exhibits F-382 (front) and F-383 (reverse), the panel noted that it had been probably made in a high quality enlarged with a high quality lens.  
 Nevertheless the print has become yellowed with the passage of time indicating that it was not adequately fixed or washed during the development process.
   (382) The uncropped black border around the edge of this print indicates that it was projected in an enlarger with it negative carrier that was larger than the actual full size negative of CE 133-A. This type of equipment might be found in a graphic arts shop or photo printing shop that uses many sizes of negatives. It is also possible that the paper easel might not have had the capability of masking a print this size.    
As a result, the entire negative area is printed and the unexposed border area outside the full camera aperture has been recorded as black on the print. Because people normally like to have white borders on their pictures, this is an unusual way of presenting a photograph.    
The sharpness of the markings (from the film scratches) within this black border, as well as the presence of fine scratches and emulsion tears. indicates that this is a first generation print.


Another Marine photo of Oswald?

4. After this article was published, Robert Groden published his book, "The Search For Lee Harvey Oswald," where he shows a photo captioned "Lee in Japan on guard duty with a rifle sometime in 1958." According to the sources listed in this book the picture is from the National Archives.


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