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What will heal the wounds that began on November 22, 1963 with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy? We believe the creation a Kennedy Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Researcher and author David Lifton stated in his best-selling book, "Best Evidence,"
"This position...presumes the gullibility and timidity of the electorate, and the absolute sanctity of vested authority. It is a view that I do not want to accept. Yet I must concede that even if there is a new investigation, it is unlikely that the architects of this plot can be identified or brought to justice. But that is not the point. The disguise they erected must be torn down, and it must be done officially. That would be the most important outcome of a new investigation. If we cannot have justice, perhaps we can at least have truth."

"Kerry McCarthy, a cousin of the slain President, said:
"His death was not an act of anger. It was the premeditated murder of our nation's leader, motivated for very specific reasons, and benefiting those who ordered it. The people of this nation know that, and they still hope for answers."



"...There are people who took orders....There are people who acted in this case.

Generally, the way these cases are prosecuted, witnesses are sought. And they are sought by an individual grant of immunity from prosecution for that individual witness. That is still a way to do it. But, given that there is no pending criminal investigation, given that there is no pending federal criminal charge and the state has been dormat in Texas to procecute this matter, what I think would be critical would be somehow to adopt the Amnesty principal in a way that would be properly defined for the circumstances of this case. And not only tell people if they are called under power of subpoena, they would have amnesty or immunity, but somehow encourage these people to come forward in acknowledgement of the political nature to some extent of their activities. And to say, 'We want in the testimony of these indiviuals for the truth to come out.'

When you look at this Amnesty approach, it has been subjected to alot of criticism in So. Africa. It's not without criticism. And I think that there would be people in this room who would debate this and disagree on this. And the way the debate have focused on this in South Africa is: Whether people want truth or justice.

The fact is that if an amnesty type program is put into place, there is not compete justice. It means that people who participated in this, who did bad things in this will not go to jail. There would be no justice in that sense. And there is debate and trade-off between truth and justice. I heard one of the earlier speakers say, he wants truth. I, myself, would like to err in the face of truth. We've had 34 years and the fact that, if we can bring out the truth and do anything possible to encourage the formal authorities to finally take those steps to bring out the truth -- which is really through the compelling of witnesses to give the final testimony, I think we will have accomplished another great thing."

William Xanttopolis

Past Press Release


November 24, 1997


JFK LANCER, at its 1997 November In Dallas Conference, announced the formation of an independent task force to draft legislation establishing a legislative amnesty initiative. Its goal will be to encourage surviving material witnesses in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to come forward.

The initiative is designed to be the logical successor legislation to the historic JFK Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992. It is modeled on the South Africa Commission of Truth and Reconciliation, and is intended, in the words of Conference Chair George Michael Evica, "...to make historical sense of the flood of new and important documents made available by the Assassination Records Review Board." Evica added, "We are offering what most likely will be the last opportunity for these witnesses to clear their conscience, serve their country, and tell the truth."

JFK Lancer supports a grass roots historical research group consisting of physicians, attorneys, engineers, and law enforcement persons, all providing professional analysis to the JFK assassination case; its mission is to make JFK assassination information available in full to the citizens of the United States and the world. Also attending the 1997 conference were Kerry McCarthy, JFK's cousin, who spoke in Dealey Plaza and at the conference, and Tom Samoluk, from the Assassination Records Review Board.





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