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Student and Teacher Scholarships

*Years without scholarship winners, all attending teachers and students were given resource materials from JFK Lancer.

JFK Lancer Scholarships 1997

Student Winner: Amy Trauernicht

Amy is now a Freshman at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana

 Teacher Winner: Bruce Hitchcock

Mr. Hitchcock is a 29 year teacher of Social Science at Noblesville High School, Noblesville, Indiana, where he also serves as Department Chairperson.

JFK Lancer Scholarship 1998

MARK TAYLOR of Olathe South High School for being selected as the Second Annual JFK Lancer-Mary Ferrell Teacher Scholarship Winner! Mark was presented his $600 award at the "November In Dallas" Conference Banquet on Saturday, November 21, 1998 at the Grand Hotel in Dallas, TX. Taylor, a teacher at the Olathe South High School, was selected for his standard of excellence in research and his contribution to the understanding of the murder of President Kennedy. Taylor was fifteen years old when President Kennedy was killed but it was twenty-five years before it had a major impact on his life. He states, "In 1988, I discovered the Warren Commission's evidence presented appeared to not substantiate their con-clusions and that the intelligence agencies had not given the Commission all the information needed to prove Lee Harvey Oswald guilty---or that he acted alone." This realization stimulated a passion to find out the truth which has generated not only a greater understanding of John Kennedy's death, but to teach that understanding to other people, young as well as old.

MARCO PANELLA, a recent graduate of Brattleboro High School, Brattleboro, Vermont. Marco is the selection for the 'Student of the Year" Scholarship winner. Panella was selected under the criteria including his GPA and Honors, leadership activities, and his study of the JFK assassination with in the historial context. Marco was presented his $600 award at the "November In Dallas" Conference Banquet on Saturday, November 21, 1998 at the Grand Hotel in Dallas, TX.

Teacher of the Year 1999

BILL HOLIDAY of Brattleboro High School, Brattleboro, Vermont

Student of the Year 2001

JOE BILES, Scholarship Winner

Joe Biles began studying the Kennedy case after he was awakened to the possibility of conspiracy by Oliver Stone's film "JFK" in 1999. Since then he has researched the problems of the House Select Committee on Assassinations and New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's prosecution of the Kennedy murder. His work has been featured in "Kennedy Assassination Chronicles." He has been an advocate for electronic and student civil liberties since 1997. In 1998 he hosted a radio show on this issue called "Views from the Front" that was broadcast on Free Speech Internet Television.

Elizabeth Toleno, Honorable Mention

2002 Student of the Year

Michelle Aleck

Michelle is a student at Brattleboro Senior High School where she has studied the JFK assassination with her social studies teacher William Holiday, himself the winner of the 1999 Teacher of the Year Scholarship Award. Michelle does community service at her local library when not working on her studies. In keeping with her involvement in the Kennedy assassination research, she visits Dallas each year and transcribes witnesses' interviews for researchers and her fellow students, also she was a speaker at the NID 2001 conference. This past summer, Michelle worked with Debra Conway of JFK Lancer.

 2003 Student of the Year

No Scholarships given this year, instead each student in attendence at Project JFK 2004 received a free copy of Steward Galanor's book "Cover-Up."

 2004 Student of the Year

Stefania Ianno

Manlius Pebble Hill School
DeWitt, New York

"To this day and for the rest of time the Kennedy assassination continues to matter because if we as a society let events like this one transpire and then be covered up, the ideal on which we base our society is not only being threatened by the hypocrisy of the act, but serves as an encouragement to further acts of murder and treason. If we value our country's democratic and independent ways then this assassination is one of the greatest moments in history which we should continue to research."

 2005 Special Educator Recognition

Thomas Pearcy

Dr. Thomas L. Pearcy earned his B.A. in Political Science and his M.A. in American History from Purdue University, and his Ph.D. in Latin American History from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida.  He has written (or collaborated on) several books, including: La Generación del '31: Patriotas y Pretorianos (University of Panamá, 1997), We Answer Only to God: Politics and the Military in Panama, 1903-1947  (New Mexico, 1998), Essential America (W.W. Norton, 2000), Historia General de Panamá (Government of Panama, 2004), and History of Central America (Greenwood, 2005). 

2006 Teacher of the Year

Michael A. Reig

 2009 Teacher of the Year

Glenn Bybee

If the federal government of the United States sincerely feels the published findings and conclusions of the Warren Commission are 100% accurate and conclusive beyond a reasonable doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone -- and was the sole assassin of President John F. Kennedy, then why is the federal government still in possession of and continue to willfully withhold over one million documents pertaining to the assassination labeling them as "classified" due to the fact that certain people perceive them as a "direct threat to the national security" of the United States of American 46 years later?

 2011 Teacher of the Year

Stuart Wexler

Wexler is a teacher of World History, AP Government at Hightstown High School, Hightstown, NJ. He has been a JFK assassination researcher for about fifteen years where he has focused on the issues connected to the chemical analysis of the ballistics material since 2000. Wexler has spoken on the subject at JFK Lancer’s NID twice, at the Wecht conference in 2003, and at the AARC conference in 2004, three of those times opposite Dr. Kenneth Rahn, NAA advocate, from the University of Rhode Island. Wexler has collaborated with chemist Tom Pinkston since approximately 2000 on the same subject matter. Wexler’s other Kennedy interests focus on Oswald, his background and associates leading up to November 22nd. His book, The Awful Grace of God, co-authored with Larry Hancock, on the MLK assassination was published in 2011.

Awarded the JFK Lancer Mary Ferrell "New Frontier" Award, 2011

2013 Teachers of the Year

Michael Dillerba & Ed Smith

Michael and Ed developed a 24-day historical investigation lesson that required 10th grade students to explore, examine,  and critically question The Warren Report on the JFK assassination.  The lesson was a culminating activity meant to demonstrate a student's ability to think like a historian, which they had artfully woven into curriculum throughout the year.  In this activity, students took the persona of the grand jury analyzing evidence sited in The Warren Commission, and were charged with the task of determining who ultimately shot JFK.  The teachers are working towards a District-wide program being introduced in each high school.



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