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The Nix Film Donated to
6th Floor Museum


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Newspaper reports: (these links may expire without notice)

The Dallas Morning News: Metro

WFAA-TV: Television on Yahoo!

WFAA.COM - Dallas Museum Buys JFK Assassination Film


Warren Commission Testimony Of Lyndal L. Shaneyfelt

Mr. Specter.
What other movies have been examined by you in the course of this analysis?

Mr. Shaneyfelt.
An amateur 8-mm. motion picture film made by a Mr. Orville Nix of Dallas, Tex., has been
examined. Mr. Nix was standing on the corner of Houston and Maine Streets, photographing
the motorcade as it came down Main Street and turned right into Houston Street.

Mr. Specter.
Would you explain briefly how you ascertained the location of Mr. Nix when he took those

Mr. Shaneyfelt.
Yes. At the time Mr. Nix took his movies of the motorcade coming down Main Street, he was
standing on the corner, and photographed them turning the corner and going down Houston

Mr. Specter.
You are now indicating the southwest corner of Houston and Main?

Mr. Shaneyfelt.
Yes; southwest corner. After he heard the shots, he hurried down along the curb of Main Street,
but did not remember exactly where he was standing. On the basis of his motion pictures, we
were able to analyze the pictures using his camera, and on the 23d of May of this year, during
the survey, preparatory to the reenactment, we reestablished this point by viewing pictures
taken from his motion picture camera, at varying angles across here, in order to reestablish the
point where he was standing, based on the relationship of this street light to other items in the
background of the photograph.

Mr. Specter.
When you say this point, you mean the point of the Nix position?

Mr. Shaneyfelt.

Mr. Specter.
And when you say this street light, you are referring to a street lamp on the opposite side of
Main Street?

Mr. Shaneyfelt.
That is correct.

Mr. Specter.
Would you outline in a general way how you obtained the copy of the Nix film?

Mr. Shaneyfelt.
The Nix film was obtained as a result of a notice that the FBI gave to processing plants in the
Dallas area, that the FBI would be interested in obtaining or knowing about any film they
processed, that had anything on it, relating to the assassination. And, as a result of this, we
learned of the Nix film and arranged to obtain a copy of it.

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