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nextJFK News November 2004

JFK Lancer's Annual "November In Dallas" Research Conference on the
Assassination of President John Kennedy
November 18-21, 2004

next JFK News August 2004

National Security Archive Update, August 4, 2004 THE GULF OF TONKIN INCIDENT, 40 YEARS LATER
Flawed Intelligence and the Decision for War in Vietnam/ Signals Intercepts, Cited at Time, Prove Only August 2nd Battle,
Not August 4; Purported Second Attack Prompted Congressional Blank Check for War. Johnson-McNamara Tapes Show
Readiness to Escalate, Even on Suspect Intel;
Top Aides Knew of Mistaken Signals, but Welcomed Justification for Vote


August 3, 2004
Tape of Kennedy's Killing Is Getting Digital Analysis
WASHINGTON, Aug. 2 - About a year from now, one of the most vexing mysteries in American history may finally be solved: Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone?
Scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have begun work on a digital scanning apparatus that they believe will be able to reproduce sound from the only known audio recording of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963, in Dallas.
The recording was made through an open microphone on a police motorcycle during Kennedy's motorcade into Dealey Plaza, where the president was shot to death. The sounds were captured onto a Dictaphone belt at police headquarters, but scientific analyses of them over decades proved anything but conclusive, fueling arguments about how many people were actually involved in killing the president.
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next JFK News July 2004

AT&T Foundation Donates $150,000 to Acclaimed JFK Library ...
PR Newswire (press release) - USA
.... newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20040726/NYM038 ) Established in 1984, the
John F. Kennedy Library Foundation provides private support to the John
F. Kennedy Library ...
< http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=109&STORY=/www/story/07-26-2004/0002217795&EDATE= >

KENNEDY compound seen as 'Holy Grail'
Boston.com - Boston,MA,USA
.... said, ''This is a part of history, and I think for anybody like me
who grew up in Massachusetts and came of age in the presidency of John
F. Kennedy, to have a ...
< http://www.boston.com/news/politics/conventions/articles/2004/07/26/kennedy_compound_hailed_as_holy_grail_by_party_activists >

DNC doubles as Kennedy tribute
Houston Chronicle - Houston,TX,USA
.... When Kennedy attended his first national Democratic convention in 1960,
his brother, John F. Kennedy, received the party's presidential nomination.
< http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/nation/2701142 >

POLITICAL Past and Present Meet in Boston
Washington Post - Washington,DC,USA
.... John F. Kennedy, had he lived, would now be 87. In the four decades
since his death, Democratic conventions have always had a moment ...

KENNEDY clan gathers for swan song
Washington Times - Washington,DC,USA
.... as Sen. John Kerry seeks to become the first Massachusetts resident
of the White House since John F. Kennedy was killed in 1963. ...
< http://washingtontimes.com/national/20040728-121520-4241r.htm >

VANUNU: Israel Killed John F. Kennedy
Sydney Indymedia - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
.... a startling accusation, nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu has
alleged that Jerusalem was behind the assassination of US President John
F. Kennedy, who was ...
See all stories on this topic:
< http://news.google.com/news?ie=utf8&oe=utf8&persist=1&num=30&hl=en&client=

JOHN F. Kennedy Sighted in Internet Song
PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
.... I Saw John Kennedy Today has been featured on the popular Kennedy
Conspiracy Website (John F. Kennedy: What Really Happened in Dallas on
November, 22 ...
< http://www.prweb.com/releases/2004/7/prweb144788.htm >

next JFK News June 2004

6/09/04 RFK'S daughter extols service
Everett Herald - Everett,WA,USA
.... Department. She is founder of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award
and serves on the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation board. ...
< http://www.heraldnet.com/stories/04/06/09/loc_muhlstein001.cfm >

6/07/04 WATERGATE Prosecutor Cox Dies at 92
The Harvard Crimson - Cambridge,MA,USA
.... the 1973 Watergate prosecution, Cox held several influential government
posts during his life, including solicitor general under President John
F. Kennedy x40 ...
< http://www.thecrimson.com/article.aspx?ref=502730 >

THE Assassination Tapes
Atlantic Online - USA
.... was elegiac in tone and fact, save for one dissonant paragraph in
which Johnson volunteered his opinion that President John F. Kennedy's
assassination had ...
< http://www.theatlantic.com/issues/2004/06/holland.htm >

6/1/04 AT&T Foundation Donates $150000 to Acclaimed JFK Library ... Yahoo News (press release) - USA ....
The AT&T-supported exhibit, Campaign! features photos, memorabilia, and archival footage and documents from John F. Kennedy's 1960 campaign. .... http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/040603/nyth091_1.html

M. Charles Bakst: At JFK Library: Documenting 1960 campaign
Providence Journal (subscription) - Providence,RI,USA
BOSTON -- When he was running for president, Sen. John F. Kennedy was at
a dinner, poised to give a speech. Wanting to quote from ...
< http://www.projo.com/news/mcharlesbakst/projo_20040603_mcbcol03.17d6b8.html >

ADVANCING the Fontiers of Science - Comments on America's ...
Space Ref - USA
.... Forty-three years ago, President John F. Kennedy laid out a vision
of space exploration that became a reality 8 years later when Neil Armstrong
stepped onto ...
< http://www.spaceref.com/news/viewsr.html?pid=13038 >

A witness to history
Santa Rosa Press Democrat - Santa Rosa,CA,USA
.... argumentative lawyer. Weisel prefers Bobby's older brother, John F.
Kennedy, whom he met when he was covering the White House. He remembers
< http://www.pressdemocrat.com/local/news/05weisel_a1a01_a1_mainstreeta.html >

6/1/04 MANCHESTER, Biographer of Churchill and MacArthur, Dies at 82
Bloomberg - USA
June 1 (Bloomberg) -- William Manchester, who wrote biographies of Winston
Churchill and Douglas MacArthur and chronicled John F. Kennedy's assassination,
died ...
< http://quote.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=10000103&sid=aZDdkdkUNmqs&refer=us >

next JFK News May 2004

George Austin Thomason, a Dallas police officer for 25 years was a rookie detective when
President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Mr. Thomason, 73, died April 22 of
multiple health problems at Columbia Hospital in Palm Beach County, Florida. In 1980, Mr.
Thomason who supported senior detectives during the JFK investigation retired from the
Dallas Police Department as a sergeant, his wife said.

Tapes show LBJ fretting over support for Viet Nam war. Warren Commission poll
Click here:
In the same Oct. 3, 1966, conversation with Justice Fortas, Mr. Johnson lamented that he
believed Sen. Robert Kennedy had authorized polls questioning the credibility of the Warren
Commission findings on the assassination of his predecessor, President Kennedy. "He's got
Lou Harris running a poll, and the majority of them doubt that this is the whole story on Kennedy,"
Mr. Johnson said. "... And 2 percent of them think that I did it."

It was Congress' probe into the Kennedy assassination in the early 1990s that forced the release
of some of the Johnson tapes, causing Mrs. Johnson to ignore her husband's wishes and proceed
with a timed release. More LBJ tapes are to yet to come for another couple of years, at least. "By
now we're about 70 percent or 72 percent of the way through," said Robert Hicks, spokesman for
the LBJ Library and Museum

Witness airs comments on David Ferrie
A caller on the George Noory radio program tonight says he reported to David Ferrie in the Civil
Air Patrol, that Ferrie hypnotized him, and hypnotized Lee Harvey Oswald - - who was also in the
Click here:
A tape of this may be available for those who subscribe to their service. The call was aired in the
last hour of the Tuesday, 5-18-04 / Wednesday morning, 5-19-04 program....

UT gets collection of Henry B. Gonzales
Click here:

City author's new book probes JFK assassination
(Created: 5/20/2004 10:18:23 AM) When Bloomington author Jim Koepke set out to look into the
assassination of President John F. Kennedy, he didn't expect to get as close to the key players in the
drama as he did. ......
Click here: http://www.mnsun.com/archive.asp?display=story2&year=2004&storyID=136341

John Kerry and Bobby Kennedy's unfinished mission
A bold narrative of hope would landslide over Bush's politics of fear
There is no shortage of comparisons between our current military misadventures and Vietnam.
But after watching "RFK," David Grubin's powerful new documentary on the life of Robert F.
Kennedy set to air on PBS in October, I feel there is a more useful comparison -- not of the
two wars but of two eras and two leaders.
Click here:

VALENTI conducts business as usual
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Seattle,WA,USA
.... Valenti was a political consultant handling press for John F. Kennedy's
visit to Texas and was riding in the motorcade when the president was
assassinated. ...
< http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/movies/apmovies_story.asp?category=1402&slug=Film%20Cannes%20Jack%20Valenti >

JACKIE O's legacy explored in new books
Denver Post - Denver,CO,USA
But it was her strength in the face of tragedy following the 1963 assassination
of her husband, President John F. Kennedy, and her love for her children
- more ...
< http://www.denverpost.com/Stories/0,1413,36~26~2156864,00.html >

KENNEDY family gives Courage awards to 3
Boston Globe - Boston,MA,USA
.... For those accomplishments, Caroline Kennedy and Senator Edward M. Kennedy
yesterday presented Samar with one of the 2004 John F. Kennedy Profile
in Courage ...
< http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2004/05/25/kennedy_family_gives_courage_awards_to_3 >

(Warning-LN article) SIRHAN Sirhan: Assassin of Modern US History
Crime Magazine - USA
.... Much of the luster of "Camelot," the common nickname for his assassinated
brother John F. Kennedy's presidency, clung to the younger Kennedy. ...
< http://www.crimemagazine.com/04/bobbykennedy,0527.htm >
Thanks to Tom Blackwell for some of these links.

next February 2004

Ex-Presidents, Widow Want JFK Film Probe

During the 40 anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, the History Channel aired three new programs in The Men Who Killed Kennedy series. One of these programs dealt with the possibility that Vice President Johnson was involved in the conspiracy which killed the President. Following the airing of the program, the Johnson family and Jack Valenti launched a series of protests in regard to this program, temporarily and then permanently forcing it off the air. The following news item deals with objections to the History Channel program.


Historians To Settle JFK-LBJ Flap

In response from challenges and pressure, the History Channel has agreed to appoint a panel of historians to address objections to "The Guilty Man Program". The panel will also address and report on the nations "fascination" with the Kennedy assassination. In a side note the program itself has been reportedly been purchased by an unnamed party and withdrawn from all further airings. The following news item deals with the appointment of a panel of historians, one of whom (Robert Dallek) is already on record as having written that Lyndon Johnson was in no way involved in President Kennedy's assassination.


next February 20, 2004 | JFK Assassination Expert Dies, Mary Elizabeth McHughes Ferrell

FERRELL, MARY ELIZABETH McHUGHES, died peacefully at her home in Dallas, Texas, on Friday evening, February 20, 2004 at age 81, surrounded by family and friends. Mary had struggled for years with her typically dogged determination against a variety of health problems, supported by her devoted and loving family and many friends. However, she never lost her interest in the world and the people around her. Her intelligence, wit and lively personality will be remembered by the many people who knew and loved her. Born in Memphis, Tennessee on October 26, 1922, she married Hubert Afton "Buck" Ferrell on June 18, 1940. Together, they had four children. Mary and Buck moved to Dallas with their family in 1957 where she worked more than thirty years as a legal secretary for a law firm and also in the Governor's office in Austin. Mary was a woman of rare ability who is regarded internationally as one of the most knowledgeable and respected historical researchers of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In 1963, she was working in downtown Dallas, when on November 22, John Kennedy was assassinated. Mary began a lifelong inquiry that brought her into contact with researchers, authors, law enforcement, the United States Congress, and people from all over the world. She developed and continually updated a database of the vast array of information which she had accumulated, with her last entries made in December of 2003. Mary also created a four-volume set of chronologies, covering all aspects of the assassination with annotations in extraordinary detail. Her archives, which gained worldwide attention, were donated in 2001 to the Mary Ferrell Foundation base in Boston, Massachusetts. Mary is survived by her daughter, Carol Anne Burtchaell, two sons, William Franklin Ferrell and James Lee Ferrell, one sister, Shirley Ann Boldt, three grandchildren, Karen Sue Taylor, Mary Elizabeth Lynch and Dawn Elizabeth Ferrell and five great-grandchildren. Mary was preceded in death by her husband of fifty-eight years, Hubert Afton Ferrell, her son, Lawrence Afton Ferrell, her grandson, David Lawrence Haggard, her brother, John Breckenridge McHughes, and a sister, Effie McHughes Campbell. Visitation will be held on Tuesday, February 24 from 6:00 - 8:00 P.M. with services in the Chapel Wednesday, February 25 at 2:00 P.M. at Sparkman/Hillcrest in Dallas, Texas. Memorial contributions may be made in Mary's name to Sisters of the Poor Clares, 1310 Dellwood, Memphis, Tennessee 38127. Dignity Memorial Sparkman Hillcrest 7405 W. Northwest Hwy. Dallas (214) 363-5401
Published in the Dallas Morning News on 2/23/2004.
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