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You may submit press releases, event announcements, or send web site addresses for news articles on other sites. You may not send copyrighted information without authorization. See our guidelines.


Press Release Style Notes

1) The first heading should be the words: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE in all caps.  Remember you will submit your release via e-mail so you may not use HTML tags or Bold type. It is also very important to have the date because as news releases pile up on a desk, a writer or editor must have a date reference to know if the news is still relevant or if a special event date has passed. Also, make a note in your files of the date the release went out and have a hard copy handy to pull out when a reporter calls. You may get a call the day the release is sent or one month from the send date.

2) Allow one spacer line then the company name and address.

3) Allow another spacer line then the word CONTACT:

The next line has the contact persons name followed by their title if they are an employee of the company and a phone number if it will fit. The contact phone numbers and e-mail address should be the direct line to the person with whom a reporter would speak regarding the news release.

4) Next, allow two spacer lines and type your headline. The headline should be no more than ten words split on to two lines. It should be typed in all capital letters. Be clever and to the point. You've got to grab their attention here. Then allow two more spacer lines.

5) Begin the text of the release as we show with the city location and state abbreviation followed by one long dash. Your press release can be a bit longer up to 500 words. Note the length of the lines across. Please format your release to be 75-80 characters across so it looks professional in the e-mailing.

6) Some writers like to include a last sentence stating the contact phone number again. Include the physical street address of the company.

7) Allow one space between paragraphs and use the -30- to indicate the end of your release.






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