November In Dallas Research Conference 2002


Interview with former FBI Special Agent James Hosty by Debra Conway.

(Pictured Debra Conway, James Hosty, and Kelly Creech)

Interview with former FBI Special Agent James Sibert by William Law, first time video interview on his experiences at the Bethesda autopsy of President Kennedy. Crucial observations never before revealed. Also a round-table discussion with James Sibert, James Jenkins, Paul O'Connor, Dennis David, and Dr. David Mantik, moderated by William Law

 Bethesda Group



Thomas specializes in entomology and has been employed by the US Department of Agriculture since 1983, has also undertaken research on the death of President Kennedy, including, most recently, a major study of echo correlation in Dealey Plaza recorded during the assassination, which appeared in a British journal of forensics. He holds adjunct appointments at Texas A&M and at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma Mexicana and is also a research associate of The Carnegie Museum and The Nebraska State Museum.


Ex-Navy frogman and former philosophy professor at Yale and Haverford, While an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Haverford College, outside Philadelphia, he was arrested with some other faculty members during one protest, and his lawyer turned out to be none other than renowned Warren Commission critic, Vincent Salandria, of Philadelphia. The resulting discussions rekindled Thompson's interest in the assassination. He became a consultant to Life magazine and shortly afterward published his ground breaking book, Six Seconds In Dallas. Josiah has worked as defense investigator in the country's most celebrated trials - recently Kathy Soliah in Los Angeles and earlier Tim McVeigh in the Oklahoma City bombing. Author of four books, his Six Seconds in Dallas is considered a classic.
 Books: Six Seconds in Dallas ; A Micro-Study of the Kennedy Assassination
Gumshoe : Reflections in a Private Eye

Aubrey Rike

Aubrey Rike, as a young man, was an ambulance/hearse driver for O'Neal Ambulance Service on November 22, 1963.and was at Parkland Hospital delivering the Dealey Plaza "seizure" patient when the President's limousine arrived. Ordered to put the President's body in the Dallas coffin, Rike observed the time frame from the President's death until it left for Love Field, including the last moments with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and the fight between Texas officials and the Secret Service over the possession of the coffin.

Books/Articles/Films: Rike's story has been included in several videos and books including
The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Coup d'Etat
*      Duffy, J. Ricci, V. The Assassination of John F. Kennedy. 1992
*      Groden, R. Livingstone, H. High Treason. 1990
*      Marrs, J. Crossfire. 1990
*      Summers, A. Conspiracy. 1989
*      Lifton, D, Best Evidence, 1981

Al Maddox,
a Deputy Sheriff for the Dallas County Sheriff's Department in November 1963, and booked Jack Ruby for the murder of Lee Oswald. Maddox occasionally guarded Ruby in his jail cell and over the years became a friend. Ruby slipped Al a note prior to his death at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

Malcolm Summers, a witness to the assassination in Dealey Plaza. Summers gave his statement to the Dallas Police describing the events he had seen and also possible suspects to the shooting. He stated he was driving toward Houston Street " when an automobile that had 3 men in it pulled away from the curb in a burst of speed..." He also one of many persons who witnessed a man in the knoll area describing himself as "Secret Service" within minutes after the assassination.



A first generation Warren Commission critic, Verb has continually been involved in research through his many published articles and s television show broadcast on the west coast from San Francisco. He was the 1999 Mary Ferrell-JFK Lancer Pioneer Award, recipient, presented in appreciation of your lifetime dedication and contributions to the study of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Verb also received the 1998 New Frontier Award recipient presented for his contribution of new evidence and furthering the study of the assassination.

Topic: A Tribute to Harold Weisberg
Selected online articles

Previous NID Presentation: The Fair Play for Cuba Committee (1999)

Joe Backes

Joseph Backes is a national authority on the Assassination Records Review Board document releases. He has attended every meeting of the Board, including their presentations to the American Historical Association and Organization of American Historians. Backes has testified before the ARRB twice and published notes on each document released as well as transcribed major presentations from Prof. John Newman and ARRB Senior Staffer Doug Horne. He was given the JFK Lancer Legacy Award in 1998 for his contribution to the compiling of research documents.

Books/Articles: Author of several articles published in the "Kennedy Assassination Chronicles" and "Fair Play"
Previous NID Presentation:
New Leads in Files & Documents(1996), Why JFK Went To Texas (1998), Texas Trip Planning II & ARRB Review(1999)

Joe Biles

Joe Biles began studying the Kennedy case after he was awakened to the possibility of conspiracy by Oliver Stone's film "JFK" in 1999. Since then he has researched the problems of the House Select Committee on Assassinations and New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's prosecution of the Kennedy murder. His work has been featured in "Kennedy Assassination Chronicles." He has been an advocate for electronic and student civil liberties since 1997. In 1998 he hosted a radio show on this issue called "Views from the Front" that was broadcast on Free Speech Internet Television.

Books: The Arrogance of Ignorance: How Really Dense People Have Perpetuated the Really Effective Cover-Up of the Murder of JFK (2000)
Previous NID Presentation:
2001 Student Scholarship Winner

Rex Bradford

REX BRADFORD has devoted himself to scanning documents and digitizing audio recordings related to the assassination of JFK, most recently in relation to Lee Harvey Oswald's alleged visit to Mexico City. An author and a designer of games for computers, he resides in Massachusetts.

CDRom: History Matters Document Collections, AARC Document Collections
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Toward A Digital Archive (1999), Excerpts from the Audio Files (2000), More Mexico Mysteries (2001)

Pamela McElwain-Brown

Long recognized as an expert in the study of SS100-X, the Kennedy Presidential Limousine, she is also a classical flute player and instructor.

Topic: The Presidential Limousine -- 2002 Update
Car Crash Culture, SS100-X (2001)
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Examination of the Presidential Limo in the White House Garage (1999)

Larry Hancock

Larry Hancock, co-author (with Connie Kritzberg) of November Patriots, a work of historically-based fiction concerning the death of JFK, has spent the last thirty years dealing with computers and communications. Currently Marketing Director for Zoom Telephonics, Inc, he has expended considerable effort conducting research on intelligence aspects of the assassination. Larry was given the JFK Lancer New Frontier Award in 2000 and then the JFK Lancer-Mary Ferrell Legacy Award in 2001.

Books: November Patriots
CDRom: Research of Larry Hancock, Richard Case Nagell, John Martino, and 112th Intelligence Corp (
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Intercept:U.S. Intelligence and the Opening of LHO's Mail (1997), Richard Case Nagell (1999), Army Intelligence Group 112th (2001), Intelligence Connections (2001)

Jamey Hecht

Jamey Hecht is a writer and painter living in Brooklyn. He is the author of Plato's Symposium: Eros and the Human Predicament, and the forthcoming Wordsworth Edition of Sophocles' Three Theban Plays. His fiction and essays have appeared in Sycamore Review, Massachusetts Review, American Book Review, 16th Century Journal, English Literary History, Cloverdale Review and other venues.

Cultural Implications of the JFK Murder and the Cover-up
Plato's Symposium: Eros and the Human Predicament, Gerald Ford and the Agency (2000) Counterpunch.

Scott Johnson

Assistant Professor and Pre-Law Advisor
Political Science Department, Frostburg State University
Frostburg, Maryland

Topic: Lee Harvey Oswald, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Logic of Conspiracy

Jennifer Murray

Currently a senior student at Frostburg State University in Frostburg, Maryland, graduating in May 2003 with a Bachelor's Degree in History and Political Science. A member of Phi Alpha Theta and Phi Sigma Alpha, she recently completed a summer internship at Gettysburg National Military Park. Jennifer plans to continue her historical studies at a graduate school.

Topic: Exhibit 399- A Case for Conspiracy

Jim Olivier

35 year veteran of radio and television broadcasting in Louisiana. Jim has been a student of the assassination of John F. Kennedy since 1967. Jim has produced and hosted television and radio interviews with many well known researchers and authors such as Jim Garrison, David Lifton, Mark Lane, Mary Ferrell, Robert Mayheu, Joe West, David Belin, Jack Anderson, John Davis, John Newman, Dr. Charles Crenshaw, Penn Jones, Jr., and a host of Dealey Plaza eyewitnesses.

Topics: Dr. Crenshaw video interview, Garrison Panel
Previous NID Presentation: Jim Garrison panel, 2000, Jim Garrison video interview, 2001

Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw is an author/journalist and professional speaker who has had ten books published.

Mr. Shaw's background includes six years as a noted criminal defense lawyer in the Midwest in the 1970s. He also practiced entertainment law in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Indianapolis. Mark remains a member of the bar in California and Indiana. Shaw has appeared as a guest on numerous radio and television programs providing expertise in the worlds of media, law, sports, entertainment, and the literary field. Recently ESPN featured him on specials about Larry Bird, Don Larson, Mike Tyson and Bob Knight.

Books: They include Miscarriage of Justice: The Jonathan Pollard Story, Larry Legend, the Life and Times of NBA Superstar Larry Bird, Testament to Courage, featuring the poignant journal of Holocaust survivor Cecelia Rexin, Diamonds in the Rough, which chronicles the legends of golf on the Senior PGA Tour, Forever Flying, the autobiography of famed aviator R.A. "Bob" Hoover, and Book Report, Helping Aspiring Authors Help Themselves. Mark has also written Nicklaus, A Biography, the first one ever written about the great golf champion, The Perfect Yankee, which detailed former New York Yankee right-hander Don Larsen's miracle no-hitter/perfect game in the l956 World Series, Bury Me In A Pot Bunker, the autobiography of world famous golf course designer Pete Dye, and Down For The Count, which chronicled heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson's rape trial.

Book: Code of Silence, Jack Ruby, Melvin Belli and the Mob Conspiracy To Kill JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald

Lawrence Teeter

Lawrence Teeter, a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who began his law practice in 1978, has represented Sirhan Sirhan since 1994. Teeter has submitted a lengthy Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus seeking an evidentiary hearing and a new trial for Sirhan.

CDRom:Sirhan Sirhan Legal Evidence CD Vol 1.
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