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 Chaired by Debra Conway, Larry Hancock, and Mary Ferrell

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JFK Lancer - Mary Ferrell Awards

2002 Student of the Year Scholarship

Michelle Aleck

Michelle is a student at Brattleboro Senior High School where she has studied the JFK assassination with her social studies teacher William Holiday, himself the winner of the 1999 Teacher of the Year Scholarship Award. Michelle does community service at her local library when not working on her studies. In keeping with her involvement in the Kennedy assassination research, she visits Dallas each year and transcribes witnesses' interviews for researchers and her fellow students, also she was a speaker at the NID 2001 conference. This past summer, Michelle worked with Debra Conway of JFK Lancer on republishing the upcoming book by John Woods, II.
Topic: Why The JFK Assassination Still Matters


2002 New Frontier Award

Presented in appreciation for your contribution of new evidence and futhering the study of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Donald Thomas


2002 Legacy Award

Presented in appreciation for your permanent additions to the record of the
assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


Rex Bradford, History Matters

2002 Pioneer Award

Presented in appreciation of your lifetime dedication and contributions
to the study of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Josiah Thompson



Jim Olivier, Master of Ceremonies

Special Guests: Aubrey Rike, Al Maddox, Malcolm Summers

Keynote Speakers: Donald Thomas and Josiah Thompson


Joe Backes, How JFK is viewed and discussed by historians, mainly in the area of foreign policy; The CIA and Castro.
Joe Biles, Garrison, Thornley and Oswald
Rex Bradford,
The Coverup: Hows and Whys; The Pursuit of Historical Justice
Pamela McElwain-Brown,
The Presidential Limousine -- 2002 Update
Christy Cox, Families who lost husbands as deniable intelligence participants in the secret war in Cuba
Debra Conway, Video Interview with James Hosty; Lynn Magnun, The Evidence in the RFK assassination as presented by the legal researcher for Sirhan Sirhan
Larry Hancock,
The Obstruction of Jim Garrison's Prosecution of Clay Shaw; Research Resources; A Testable Hypotheses- Conspiracy and Cover-Up
Jamey Hecht,
Cultural Implications of the JFK Murder and the Cover-up
Scott Johnson
Lee Harvey Oswald, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Logic of Conspiracy
William Law, Video Interview with James Jenkins, Paul O'Connor, James Sibert, and Dennis David
Jennifer Murray, Exhibit 399- A Case for Conspiracy
Jim Olivier, Dr. Crenshaw video interview, Garrison Panel
Mark Shaw, Code of Silence, Jack Ruby, Melvin Belli and the Mob Conspiracy To Kill JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald
Lawrence Teeter, Sirhan Sirhan Update 2002


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