My JFK EMail list was recognized with a Mary Ferrell "JFK New Frontier Award" at the banquet in Dallas, 11-20-99....

It says

"Tom Blackwell, Presented in Appreciation for Your Contribution of New Evidence and Furthering the Study of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy."

My JFK list includes researchers on every continent except Antarctica.

The internet has 'increased freedom' in this country...

I am excited about seeking the truth about our history. I grew up in Dallas in the '60's and '70's - in the same neighborhood with some of the people who witnessed, investigated and/or photographed the assassination. Some of these people kept the secrets that should have been shared with the public long ago.

I have been involved with this research since 1973. I first met Mark Lane in 1975. My photograph of the House Committee's acoustic tests on Dealy Plaza, which I took in 1979, was published in Crossfire, by Jim Marrs. When John Hinckley shot President Reagan, I was the first to inform the news media of his connection to Dallas. (I was in class with him, off and on, from 1963-1970, and daily form 1970-1973.) I tried to handle this in such a way that Dallas was not 'blamed' for this event - as we were by some for the events of 1963. I have also participated with the JFK Assassination Information Center at the West End Marketplace. It seems that Dallas has never been a dull place.

As a free service to other researchers, I have developed this internet EMail list, where I pass on timely news items that are relevant to our work. The list has grown to include researchers on every continent of the world - except Antarctica.

I run a similar EMail list serving the leadership of the Texas Democratic Party. See

Regards, TOM BLACKWELL, N5GAR, PO Box 25403, Dallas, Texas 75225 ICQ: 3690882 ARRL SGL-North Texas


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