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The Official Timeline -- Oswald's Presence in Dallas

Nevertheless, while Oswald's method of travel may not have been pinned down nearly as convincingly as the language in the Warren Report would have us believe, the Commission DID produce a fairly convincing paper trail establishing Oswald's presence in Dallas on October 3 and 4. He apparently filed an unemployment compensation claim on Thursday afternoon, October 3, and spent the night at the YMCA. (25) On Friday, he applied for a job at the Padgett Printing Company (26) and filed an application with the Jobco Employment Agency. (27) Marina and Ruth Paine maintained in their Warren Commission testimony that Oswald initially contacted them sometime early Friday afternoon, October 4, and that Marina was somewhat upset that her husband had not contacted her the previous day when he apparently said he had arrived back in Dallas. (28)


*There's more evidence to come yet, please your Majesty,* said the White Rabbit, jumping up in a great hurry; *this paper has just been picked up.*

-- From Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll


Other Oswald "Family" Sightings

So if we are to accept at least the part of the Warren Commission's timeline that Oswald, however he got there, had surfaced in Dallas on October 3, the sightings in and around Alice in early October -- specifically those on October 3 and 4 -- simply could not have involved the real Oswald. And it is certainly possible that some of these sightings could have involved a case of mistaken identity when people found out after the assassination that Marina spoke mainly Russian and linked that piece of information with another couple they had remembered from early October. Nevertheless, the *smoking guns* among the sightings which cannot be so easily explained away are the facts that the mechanics at the Hill Machinery Company distinctly remembered the name *Oswald* and a reference to the USMC; and the KOPY employees remembered the name *Lee Oswald* and that he claimed to have just come from Mexico.

As bizarre as the possibility sounds that someone -- complete with a phony family -- was impersonating Oswald hundreds of miles from Dallas shortly after his departure from Mexico, closer scrutiny reveals a number of interesting parallels with other Oswald *family* sightings, many of which also appear to have involved the driving of a car and a foreign-speaking wife.

On July 15, 1963, when Oswald was employed at the Reily Coffee Company in New Orleans, he was allegedly seen at Budreau's Music and Appliance Store in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Margaret Budreau advised the FBI shortly after the assassination that she believed it was Oswald who had purchased a Motorola portable radio with batteries for $47.33 and then left a woman (at least this one WAS pregnant) and a toddler sitting in a car in the store's parking lot for four or five hours on July 15 while he disappeared. This Oswald returned to the store shortly before closing time to purchase an extra set of batteries. During the wife's brief appearance in the store earlier in the day to discuss the purchase of the radio, she spoke with her husband in a foreign language other than French or German. When asked for his name to record for warranty purposes, this Oswald became indignant and said that his name was Homer Wyley, Jr., he was from Texas, and that was all he was going to say. (29) Margaret Budreau now claims the FBI got the name she was given wrong. She apparently told the FBI that the man said his name was Homer Walker, Jr. (30) One researcher believes it is significant that the surname given in Wisconsin (and subsequently changed by the FBI) matched that of General Edwin Walker, whom Oswald allegedly tried to shoot. (31) In any case, we are as certain as we can be about these things that the real Oswald was NOT in in Rhinelander on July 15, since he also cashed a check at Martin's Restaurant in New Orleans on the same day. (32)

In another sighting involving a possible *fake* Oswald family, Jess Easterling, the owner and operator of the Skyline Motel in Pulaski, Virginia, told the FBI after the assassination that he thought that Oswald, his wife, and two small children had spent the night at his motel in September of 1963. Easterling specifically remembered the name *Oswald* and said that the man claimed to have just come from Centerville, Ohio and was thinking about heading west from Pulaski. Easterling said that the children were about three years and four months old, respectively. This particular Oswald family was traveling in a car and stayed only one night. (33)

Perhaps the most well-known sighting involving an Oswald family occurred at the Furniture Mart in Irving on November 6 or 7. Edith Whitworth and her friend, Gertrude Hunter, claim that Oswald, Marina, and two girls matching the ages of Rachel and June came in to inquire about a plunger for Oswald's rifle, apparently because of a sign above the door which said *Gun Shop.* When Whitworth commented on the two little girls, this *Oswald* said that he would have rather had a boy. He also said that the infant had been born on October 20. After he asked to see some bedroom furniture, Whitworth showed the family a set. But the wife maintained an inexplicable silence the entire time she was in the store. After the assassination, the women concluded that her silence was because she was not able to speak English. This *Oswald* drove his family away from the store in a 1956 or 1957 two-tone Ford, blue and white. (34 -- Researcher Carol Hewett claims she has identified a third vehicle owned by the Paines which matches this description and apparently is preparing an article for Probe.) The Warren Commission, of course, attempted to resolve the Furniture Mart sighting by arranging for a face-to-face meeting of Whitworth and Hunter with Marina and her children in Dallas on July 24, 1964. But even at the face-to-face meeting, Whitworth and Hunter stubbornly continued to insist that Marina and her two children had been in the store with her late husband in early November, while Marina continued to insist that she had never been in the furniture mart and had never seen the two women before in her life. (35) At least in this case, since Whitworth and Hunter specifically remembered that the children were girls and remembered discussing that fact with this particular Oswald, the FBI apparently was forced to set aside its usual maddening lack of specificity with respect to the sex of the children when preparing its memoranda on the furniture mart incident.

A second false sighting in Irving involved a grocer named Leonard Hutchinson, who claimed that a *Harvey Oswald* tried to cash a two-party check for $189 in his store on November 8 when the real Oswald could not have been there. Harvey apparently had been in Hutchinson's store several times before, including one time when he was accompanied by a young woman who spoke to him in a foreign language. (36)


Other Oswalds in Early October

Just to heap a few extra layers of confusion on top of all of this, consider now that there appears to be an inordinate number of other Oswald sightings during this early October period upon which we have been focusing. To wit:


  • An apparent Oswald lookalike checks into the South Cliff Motel in Dallas on a Friday in early October, which certainly could have been the 4th. This Oswald drove up in a white 1955 or 1956 car, and ended up staying through Saturday night. (37)
  • Back in New Orleans at the Hotel LaSalle, several hotel employees apparently realized on the evening of the assassination that Oswald looked familiar. The manager is then said to have pulled a registration card dated for a Lee Harvey Oswald, dated October 3, 1963, which indicated a charge of $5 for a period of only two or three hours that day. (38)
  • Yet another report indicates that an Oswald may have stayed at the Sands Motel in Laredo on October 3. (39)
  • Somewhere around October 1, someone using the last name of Oswald turns up at the Hollywood Bar in El Paso, apparently in the company of a Mexican girl from Juarez and another unidentified man. This Oswald approaches another bar patron named Ross Johns, offers to sell him drugs, and tells him he has plenty of contacts in Mexico who can get Johns anything he wants. (40)
  • In late September or early October, a man who looked like Oswald and may have been using the name, *Lee Oswald,* approached personnel advisor Evelyn Sheppard at the Continental Oil Company in Houston seeking an employment interview. He told Sheppard that he had just returned from Mexico * where he had gone with a friend * and that they had been unsuccessful in their efforts to get directly from Mexico to Cuba. (41)
  • On October 4 at Ruby's Carousel Club, Attorney Caroll Jarnagin overhears a conversation between Jack Ruby and a man he later identified as Oswald. Oswald was telling Ruby he was going by the name *O. H. Lee*. Jarnagin said Ruby and Oswald were discussing a plot to kill Governor Connally and potential future plans to eliminate Bobby Kennedy. (42)
  • On October 4, a man named J. G. Hardin whose car has broken down catches a ride from Richland, TX to Dallas with a man he later believes was Oswald in a beat-up 1953 Ford. (43)
  • Sometime during early October, Mrs. Lovell Penn heard shooting on her property outside of Dallas. After chasing away three men, one of whom she later said could have been Oswald, she found a 6.5 mm Mannlicher-Carcano rifle shell where they had been target shooting. (44)
  • A "Lee Oswald" shows up at gunrunner Robert Ray McKeown's home in Bay Cliff, Texas sometime in late September or early October wanting to buy high-powered rifles with scopes, according to both McKeown and his friend, Sam Neill. (45)

Oswald in Alice TX

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