3bbulrd The Investigations Details of the assassination and related events

3bbulrd Common Myths in JFK assassination research

3bbulrd Captain Will Fritz's notes of LHO interrogation. Previously we had been told therewere no notes taken from the Oswald interrogation but FBI Agent Hosty did find his notes many years later, and then the Fritz notes are found. Released by the ARRB 11-20-97.

3bbulrd Dallas Police Department important documents on the "Sniper's Nest" evidence.

3cbulgr Office of the City Secretary, Dallas Municipal Archives, The John F. Kennedy Collection

3cbulgr Decker Exhibit




Introduction to the Records of the Warren Commission
President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, commonly called the Warren Commission, by Executive Order (E.O. 11130) on November 29, 1963. Its purpose was to investigate the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963, at Dallas, Texas. President Johnson directed the Commission to evaluate matters relating to the assassination and the subsequent killing of the alleged assassin, and to report its findings and conclusions to him. The following members served on the Commission:

* Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the United States, former Governor and attorney general of California, Chair;

* Richard B. Russell, Democratic Senator from Georgia and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, former Governor of Georgia, and county attorney in that State;

* John Sherman Cooper, Republican Senator from Kentucky, former county and circuit judge in Kentucky, and United States Ambassador to India;

* Hale Boggs, Democratic Representative from Louisiana and majority whip in the House of Representatives;

* Gerald R. Ford, Republican Representative from Michigan and chairman of the House Republican Conference;

* Allen W. Dulles, lawyer and former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency;

* John J. McCloy, lawyer, former President of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and former United States High Commissioner for Germany.

3bbulrd Warren Commission Narrative of Events -- The Official Story

3bbulrd Warren Commission Recommendations- The Official Story

3bbulrd The Members of the Commission

3bbulrd James Angelton advises CIA Director McCone and FBI Director J.Edgar Hoover on their answers to Warren Commission concerning Lee Harvey Oswald. They conspired to keep their answers consistent

3bbulrd Attorney General Deputy Katzenbach Memo: read what the government decided you should believe about the assassination

3bbulrd Ford-Rankin Document: Commission member Gerald Ford changes description of the president's wounds to support the false "Single Bullet" theory.

3bbulrd McCloy-Rankin Document: Commission member John J. McCloy doubts the Single Bullet Theory.

3bbulrd Behind Closed Doors, Minutes of Unrecorded Warren CommissionExecutive Session Found in National Archives by Mark Sobel (pdf)

3bbulrd Bullet Fragment CE567: article by Joe Backes and Debra Conway

3bbulrd New Article by John Hunt "Phantom Identification"

3bbulrd 35th Anniversary of Warren Report Errors and Quotes, compiled by Martin Shackelford

3cbulgr Selected LBJ Telephone Conversations Concerning the Special Commission to Investigate the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (the Warren Commission)evidence of two Dealey Plaza "mystery men." Dec '95 Assassination Chronicles

3cbulgr Too Many Fragments: article by Clint Bradford on photographs of the "pristine bullet" (WC Exhibit CE-399) the fragments remaining in Governor Connally's wrist Warren Commission expert testimon

3cbulgr Warren Commission Report (NARA site)

3cbulgr Alphabetical list of witnesses and testimony



3bbulrd J.Edgar Hoover Memo to Tolson 12-12-63 on the Warren Commission investigation and whether Oswald acted alone

3bbulrd Agent Wm. Walther: Did the FBI received advance notice of plot before the assassination and do nothing?

3bbulrd FBI Agent Hosty's notes of the Oswald interrogation.

3bbulrd FBI Memos on Warren Commissioner Gerald Ford secret agreement to leak to the FBI. (1) (2



3bbulrd The Secret Agent on the Knoll Were Army Intelligence identifying themselves as Secret Service in Dealey Plaza? Yes. Read this important record of conspiracy.

3bbulrd The Man Who Wasn't There, Was There, by Michael Griffith "Fake Secret Service Agents In Dealey Plaza" from the Spring '96 Assassination Chronicles.

3bbulrd Secret Serviceman Clint Hill's testimony. The only agent to respond to the shots. Hill states the rear of the president's head was blown out

3bbulrd Secret Service Interviews - Landmark research by Vince Palamara

3bbulrd Agents who Believed in Conspiracy by Vince Palamara

3bbulrd Secret Service Agents Go On The Record: by Vince Palamara (L.I.N.E. release)top

3bbulrd Heritage of Stone: Garrison, the CIA, and the Press Reprinted with permission from "High Times" magazine, September, 1991, by Steven Hager, with help from Mark Zepezauer at the Santa Cruz Comic News

3bbulrd Clay Shaw Grand Jury files : Gary Raymond, Richard Angelica, the ARRB, and New Orleans D.A. Harry Connick

3bbulrd Conversations With Perry [Russo] by William M. Law 1993 NOTE: CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGEaudio

3bbulrd Real Audio of Garrison's rebuttal to NBC on July 15, 1967


bullet CASTRO ASSASSINATION PLOTS: A timeline of events, by Debra Conway

bullet James Angelton advises CIA Director McCone and FBI Director J.Edgar Hoover on their answers to Warren Commission concerning Lee Harvey Oswald. They conspired to keep their answers consistent

bullet "The Intra-Administration War in Vietnam" by Arthur Krock on the CIA

bullet Same Old Stuff: Preparation for Lone Nuts when arguing about the authenticity of the Warren Commission Report Conclusions -- memo written by the CIA

bullet CIA Inspector General Report declassified Holds agency responsible for "BAY OF PIGS" mission failure. 2/28/98

bullet Cuban Missile Crisis

bullet Bay of Pigstop


3bbulrd The Conclusion? Probable Conspiracy, but they still withheld thousands of documents that tell the whole story.

3bbulrd Richard Sprague, Chief Counsel of the HSCA on the investigation. (from "The Last Investigation") Note: the ARRB released the Sprague documents in July, 1998.

3cbulgr Interviews with Gaeton Fonzi: In 1977, Fonzi was invited to join the U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations as a staff investigator. Later, as a special team director, he wrote and edited a major appendix, Volume X, of the Committee's Final Report. He is the author of "The Last Investigation," published by Thunder's Mouth Press in 1993 and, in trade paperback, in 1994.


3bbulrd JFK Lancer Document

3bbulrd JFK Lancer Research Collections

3cbulgr History Matters

3cbulgr Mary Ferrell Foundation Website

3cbulgr The Sixth Floor Museum

3cbulgr The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection

3cbulgr John F. Kennedy Assassination Information Center

3cbulgr Clint Bradford John F. Kennedy Research Materials

3cbulgr Cuban Information and Archives

Articles with Photos/Documents

3bbulrd The Storm Drain, photos by Michael Parks

3bbulrd Single Bullet Theory Demolished, even Arlen Specter can't make it work! See this important photo

3bbulrd Window Views by Debra Conway, a photo essay

3bbulrd Best Witness: The Limousine, by Anthony Marsh (1996) See the evidence in the Presidential limousine itself; from the Winter '95 Assassination Chronicles

3bbulrd John Newman Mexico City: A New Analysis

3bbulrd The Horne Presentation on the Medical Evidence

3bbulrdBullet Fragment CE567

MORE: Selected Articles from the Kennedy Assassination Back Issues in PDF Format



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